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Best of … independent living aids for seniors

By Editorial Staff

One of the best of independent living aids for seniorsContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

There are more elderly people now than ever before. There is a rapidly aging population and this group has specific needs, which need to be accommodated.

People are living longer and thanks to World War II veterans and their wives, who produced bunches and bunches of babies after the war, and who are now senior citizens, there is an ever-increasing need for independent living aids for seniors.

Those in this camp may not be able to jitter bug like they used to, but they still want to get around and see the sights. People don’t like being dependent on others until they absolutely have to. Humans relish their freedom. There are various aids that make independence possible for those who are afflicted with issues that impair their mobility, sight and hearing. Here are the best of independent living aids for seniors—including the Baby Boomers AND their elderly parents—that make life easier and better.

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Safety alert device

A sense of security

One of the best of independent living aids for seniors

Every elderly person, particularly those living alone, needs a personal safety emergency alert device. This device, whether it’s a necklace or a wristwatch, is with and on the person at all times. If the individual falls down or is experiencing chest pains or just needs help he presses on the button, and help is immediately forthcoming. This is a vitally important device and every elderly person should have one. The safety gadget can be programmed to call 911 or family members or the neighbors or several people. This is the best investment you are ever going to make. It gives the elderly person peace of mind as well as makes his family members feel more secure about him being alone. The senior citizen is never truly alone when he has a personal emergency alert device.

Mobility scooter

Get around comfortably

One of the best of independent living aids for seniors

It is depressing and frustrating when an individual can no longer get around on his own steam. His balance may be poor or his legs, feet and ankles may not cooperate. However, there are ways to be mobile, including rolling walkers, electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, scooters and lifts. A senior supply store has an arsenal of assistive living products that give independence and mobility back to elderly people who might otherwise be confined to their rocking chairs for the remainder of their lives. Imagine the joy and freedom of being able to get out and about once again after being equipped with this type of assistive living product.

Vison aids

See what’s important

One of the best of independent living aids for seniors

Many older people can’t see very well and require eyeglasses. However, sometimes their vision gets so poor because of cataracts or macular degeneration or various other medical conditions that their eyeglasses aren’t sufficient anymore. This person needs low-vision aids that can be found at Deb’s Specs. Imagine being able to read the newspaper or a book or look at pictures of your great-grandchildren after not being able to enjoy the pleasures of good vision for a long time. Low vision aids include electronic magnifiers, magnifying glasses and even wristwatches that talk. They can make a world of difference.

Sound amplified devices

Helping you hear

One of the best of independent living aids for seniors

Hearing impairments are a part of old age, just as poor vision is. Many people become hard of hearing when they get older and this can result in isolation because they can’t hear what’s going on and may be embarrassed to say so. Isolation can lead to depression. Peruse the bevy of items that are available to help people who can no longer hear properly.

Not being able to hear is also a safety issue because the hearing impaired can’t tell if someone has entered their home, they can’t hear the phone ring, and they may not hear smoke alarms going off. Amplified signalers, clocks, telephones and listening devices are available. The signaling devices let the individual know if someone has rung the doorbell or the telephone is ringing or if there are other sounds going on in the house that they should be aware of.

Walk-in tubs

Bathing accessibility

One of the best of independent living aids for seniors

If the elderly person in your life is having a hard time getting up and down stairs, or if he is confined upstairs and meals must be taken to him, there are assistive living products that can make life easier. Chair lifts and stair lifts can get the individual up and down the stairs. Dumbwaiters can make it easier to transport food upstairs. Ameriglide has got you covered. You will find walk-in tubs at Ameriglide that make it so much easier and safer for an elderly person to bathe. The tubs are designed so that they are easily accessible and feature a low step-in height as well as anti-slip surfaces and door seals that prevent leakage, which can result in falling hazards.

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