Here are some helpful indoor tanning tips

Here are some helpful indoor tanning tips

Indoor tanning is different from outdoor tanning. Outside, other objects direct sunlight away from you and it is easy to spend an hour in the sun. With a tanning bed, direct UV light has nowhere to go but to your skin and the time spent inside must be properly monitored and very limited (ten or twelve minutes).

One of the most important indoor tanning tips you will ever learn is the understanding that a tan is a work in progress. It is built slowly and regularly over a period of time. The proper use of tanning beds and accessories not to mention lotions improves the effectiveness of indoor tanning. Generally speaking, the healthier the skin, the more successful and longer lasting the tan, as it allows you to build upon your foundation to get a deeper, darker tan each time.

Indoor tanning lotions are designed to provide critical moisture to skin before and after tanning. The tanning process can dry out skin, layer by layer and the use of tanning lotions provides the skin with the deep constant moisture it requires during the indoor tanning process. Lotions also contain important vitamins and ingredients to help you extend your tan.

What are some effective indoor tanning tips?

1- Always use indoor tanning products and supplies only as directed.

Indoor tanning products have unique ingredients that should be used only as directed to ensure the finest tan possible. Avoid buying such products at yard sales and flea markets because they are often damaged and/or tampered with and thus, ineffective. Remember too that all indoor tanning lotions are not the same.

2- Be consistent with time spent on the tanning bed.

After your first session on the tanning bed, wait at least 48 hours for the next one. If you can wait a little bit longer, it is better as it helps your tan develop into your skin. This may vary with every person so be aware of this and talk with a professional before going back to the tanning bed too soon. Initially, you can go to the tanning bed at a professional tanning place three times a week. After you’ve developed a tan, you can preserve it by going back in twice a week.

3- Use federally compliant eye-wear.

Every client that uses an indoor tanning salon must wear federally compliant eye-wear. This is one of the most important indoor tanning tips because towels, scarves or eyelids do not adequately protect eyes from ultraviolet exposure. Acceptable eye-wear must state the product’s compliance with federal regulations on the package. When proper eye-wear is not used during the tanning process, the potential for serious corneal injury is greatly increased.

4- Perfumes, cosmetics and indoor tanning are not a healthy mix.

Perfumes and cosmetics should not be used in a tanning bed because they have a photo-sensitizing effect on your skin that can cause unexpected results, such as rashes, burning and uneven tanning. Ask your pharmacist about the products you use and their potential sensitivity to ultra-violet light. In the meantime, wash away all cosmetics before tanning.
5- Should you tan during pregnancy?

This is one of those indoor tanning tips that falls into the gray zone. You must talk to your doctor about this, as every pregnancy has its own unique considerations. Presently, there are no studies available on the effects of tanning on the unborn child, but it is known that the UV light used in tanning beds does not reach the child. It is likely that during the first trimester of your pregnancy, your doctor will advise against doing anything that will raise your body temperature, such as saunas and tanning beds, but after that period, it may be okay to use a tanning bed moderately. ONLY THE DOCTOR CAN SAY FOR SURE.

The controlled environment of an indoor tanning salon helps in getting an even tan on your body in less than a half an hour a day. Follow the above-mentioned indoor tanning tips to insure a safe, healthy and enduring tan.