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Internet Dating Pointers

By Editorial Staff

internet datingContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Dating can be hard for anyone, young or old, man or woman, newly single or broken-hearted.

In the past, dating has typically been associated with a man asking a woman out for a date. Usually, young single people tend to find each other at parties, through friends, at work settings or in pubs or bars. However, not everyone has success in finding a date or even a potential mate in these settings. In fact, it can be increasingly difficult to meet other single people if most of your friends are in a relationship, married or you are not exactly a social butterfly.

Alas, whether you are a social butterfly or a wallflower, it is possible to find a date and possible love in your life. In the past decade or so, Internet dating has become an extremely popular method of meeting single people and dating. Many people are hesitant to foray onto the World Wide Web to find love and for good reason given that it can be a dangerous arena if private information is made public or you fall prey to some ill-intentioned scams. However, many internet dating sites have increased measures to make the online dating seem friendlier and less scary. Consider the following internet dating pointers and get on your way to finding true love today.

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10. Photos


Posting a photograph of you is one of the top internet dating tips given by most dating experts. Although you may be hesitant to reveal yourself, photos increase the chances you will get a response from potential suitors. Furthermore, a photograph will ease any first date worries since you will each have an idea of what the other person looks like. This eliminates endless fears that he or she won’t find you somewhat attractive since they will have seen a previous photograph. For that reason, it is essential you post a recent up-to-date photo that is a true image of you – and not your favorite celebrity.

9. Privacy


When it comes to internet dating, a rule of thumb is to only tell the other person what they need to know. Avoid getting into any personal information with a stranger, particularly giving out your home address, work location or daily schedule. Although it is good to be open with a dater, there is no need to expose private information until after a few dates and you’ve gained a level of mutual trust.

8. Public date

Public date

Always stick to public places for the first few dates you have with a single mate from a dating internet site. Never go somewhere that is isolated, too private or in a location you’ve never been before. Stick to open, public places such as a café, restaurant or open park.

7. Friendly back-up

Friendly back-up

In addition to staying in public places for your initial dates, always be sure to inform a close friend or family member of where you will be, when and for how long. Give them your contact number as well in case they need to reach you. Better yet, have a friend tag along for the first couple of dates. If you feel too embarrassed to have a third party tagging along, ask him or her to stay close-by such as in a different booth of a café for a little while in case you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

6. Keep it real

Keep it real

It is easy to get carried away while internet dating by making up little white truths about yourself. Most people may do this intentionally to sound better or more interesting to another party. Still others may do it unintentionally by simply exaggerating certain aspects of them without really considering the repercussions. Always keep it real by staying true to the facts and being the real you.

5. Look around

Look around

Internet dating may present hundreds of different suitors that could be a potential dating match for you. Although it’s important to narrow down your search, avoid being too particular by shooting down interested people too quickly. Expand your dating horizons by stepping outside of your comfort zone and dating a person that doesn’t exactly meet your physical requirements but has a great personality and seems intelligent.

4. Slow it down

Slow it down

Avoid rushing out to meet somebody on a date after only a couple of contact emails. Instead, get to know a potential date better by emailing, texting or even talking via phone regularly for at least a week or two. This will give you more time to see if you both have similar interests and might hit it off or not.

3. Stay encouraged

 Stay encouraged

It’s easy to get discouraged from internet dating if you don’t get a lot of responses quickly. Stay positive by continuing your own dating search and focus on the fact that a lack of responses simply means the right guy or gal for you isn’t there yet.

2. Perfect the profile

Perfect the profile

Your online profile will be the first thing potential daters will see and read in addition to your photograph. Take your time and write a profile that accurately describes yourself. Keep it simple by expressing your interests and giving some immediate insight into the type of person you are and are hoping to find.

1. Laugh


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Among the top and serious internet dating tips is also a tip that is not-so serious: to simply laugh at yourself and have fun. Dating should be a fun experience, so avoid feeling embarrassed that you are searching for love online or are still single and looking. Rather, embrace what dating sites have to offer and have faith in the dating process.


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