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Jeep Wrangler Expedition Accessories

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

wranglerContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

The best thing about having a Jeep Wrangler is decking it out with cool accessories. Nah. Who am I kidding? The BEST thing about having a Jeep, is, well, having a Jeep. It practically begs you to leave the pavement behind and head off to chase rainbows or explore sunsets.

But once you have that awesome vehicle, it is a blast to check out the awesome accessories made for your car. If you’re planning on heading off into the wilderness in your vehicle, here are ten Jeep Wrangler Expedition accessories you should make sure you have onboard before you leave the road.

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10. Floor and cargo liners

cargo liner

If you’re taking your Wrangler out into the wilds, you do not want lightweight, cutsie floor mats or a kinda-sorta cargo liner. You want something heavy duty, solid and removable for the post mudding wash down. Your floors will take a beating from hiking boots, equipment, dogs and of course, mud, so this is no place to skimp. Go bold or go home on this one.

9. Grab handles

Grab handles

What fun is a Jeep if you don’t challenge some serious potholes or climb over some are-you-serious-?? bumbs? Give your passenger something soft and solid to hold on to with wrap-around grab handles made for Jeeps. Sturdy and washable. Perfect, because dirt will happen!

8. Onboard air compressors

Air compressor

A flat when you’re umpteen miles from the nearest road, much less the nearest town is not fun. Or safe. That’s what an onboard air compressor is a good choice when you’re looking for Jeep Wranger expedition accessories that will help you make it back from one adventure so you can head out on more.

7. Winches

Jeep wranger with winch

You’re going to have to pull your buddy out of that ditch. Or pull yourself out of that mud. Don’t try and pretend otherwise. Hey, you have a Jeep! So make sure you also have a good winch installed…one that’s made especially for a Jeep.

6. Custom decals

wrangler decals

Is it necessary to have awesome looking custom decals on your Jeep? Well, maybe. Hey, it’s a Jeep thing. You want it to look a great as it is. You want to personalize it so everyone know this you your Jeep. Go ahead. It’s part of the fun of owning one.

5. Fridge and freezer on the go

portable freezer fridge for jeep

No need to leave the comforts of home (or at least the kitchen) behind when you equip your Wrangler with a goes-with-you fridge and freezer. No, this isn’t your everyday cooler. It can cool super fast, taking the internal temp down an amazing 90 degrees below the outside air temp.

4. Emergency survival kits

emergency survival kit

If you’re going to be going offroad (and why wouldn’t you with a Jeep?), you need to be prepared for anything. If mechanical troubles, weather or a missed turn leaves you stranded over night or longer, you need to have the basics for safe survival. Make sure your Jeep gear includes a bug out bag packed with emergency food, water, shelter, light and warmth.

3. Repair kit

yellow tool kit

Make sure your Jeep is loaded with a set of basic repair tools. And make sure you know how to use every one of them to make simple on-the-fly repairs. You may never need them, but having the ability to fix small problems and get back to a road can be important, especially in seldom-traveled areas.

2. LED Offroad lights

jeeps at night

There’s a lot of there you need to see — even at night. That’s why bright, efficient LED offroad lighting is an accessory you’re going to want to add to your Jeep. Whether you select spotlights, floodlights or a light bar, LED lights will let you spend more time on adventures and less time replacing bulbs.

1. Roof top tent

rooftop tent

This one HAD to be number one because it’s just so amazingly cool looking. A tent on top of your Jeep Wrangler. Now I ask you, what could be better? No cold ground under neath you, no ant crawling in, no midnight visits from a hungry bear. Just be sure you remember where you are, or that middle-of-the-night trip to the outhouse could be a problem. (“Watch out for the first step….”

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It’s a Jeep thing. No further explanation needed. Now go have a blast!


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