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Job Interview Ties

By Editorial Staff

interview tiesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

What you wear matters.

As if you don’t already have enough on your mind when preparing for a job interview, but it’s true. While figuring out the right clothes from top to bottom may not sound like a party, it means the power of your first impression is in your hands.

Men, these top ten job interview ties will help you get that foot in the door. All you have to do is tie them straight.

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10. Quiet


Think of it this way, when you leave the room you want them talking about how smart and well-spoken you are. For second-round meetings you can’t go wrong with neutral colors up top, pressed slacks and shined shoes. Add a pair of classic cufflinks for a finishing touch.

9. Loud and proud forNever

beer tie

Only in Bizarro World is it a good idea to dust off the old beer tie for an interview. Novelty has a time and place, like holiday parties and comic book conferences, not your future boss’s office.

8. Chic


It’s always better to overdress for a first impression. For instance, if you’re applying for a retail position at a high end boutique, a tie may seem over the top, but it’ll help you stand out. Wear it with modern trousers and a solid shirt, and throw a sweater on top to tone down the fancy.

7. Safe


Grey is one of the safest colors you can wear. It looks good on everyone, and goes with the standard suit colors – white, black and navy. Safe is the way to go if you’re not entirely familiar with the company’s culture. A solid, silk tie with a crisp white shirt looks clean and well put together, giving the impression of clarity and organization.

6. Subtle


Finding job interview ties for creative positions isn’t necessarily easier – standards may be different from the corporate world, but that doesn’t mean they’re non-existent. Resist the temptation to make them smile with a bow tie. Let your spunk come across in what you say while wearing a nice striped shirt and simple if plain dress tie with an elegant watch.

5. Pattern on Pattern

Pattern on Pattern

A simple pattern is a sign of confidence in a time when many interviewees default to plain on plain. The trick is to find patterned dress shirts and job interview ties that complement one another. If you suspect your choices look too matchy, busy, or they clash step away and go back to solids. Choose understated colors so the overall look isn’t too distracting.

4. Distinguished


Corporate attire can stifle the creative-leaning mind, but the Human Resources office is not the place to make your stand. Wait until you have a desk to break out the yellow socks. Take a deep breath and opt for a traditional black tie. You want them to see you as polished, especially if this is a client-facing opportunity.

3. Dark on light

Dark on light

Pair a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie in the same tone and you’ll look like a model for today’s standard business attire. Basically, you’re tuning up the volume one notch so the accessory doesn’t disappear against the shirt. This look is appropriate for a wide range of industries, including media, software and social services.

2. Conservative


Conservative companies expect candidates to walk that line between conformity and personality. Start with a standard canvas – wrinkle-free dress shirt, black jacket and slacks. Then add a striped tie in neutral colors to see why these three components work so well together. Dressing for the part shoes you’re a team player who’s ready to hit the floor running.

1. Classic


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Professional doesn’t equal boring beige – far from it. You can pull off a little color if your pants are dark and the shirt is a solid neutral. Classic menswear helps you stand out for the right reasons; it shows you make smart decisions, and that you bring perspective to the table.


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