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Kettlebell Workout Routines for Weight Loss

By Editorial Staff

kettlebell workoutsby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

Everyone is looking for a workout that will help them lose weight and gain muscle as quickly as possible.

Eating right and working out have long ago been accepted as the best way to do this, but now the kinds of foods you eat and the workouts you should practice are a point of discussion.

One piece of equipment, that has actually been around for quite a while is the kettlebell. For those who have started to embrace this device, there are plenty of great workouts out there in order to help shave weight and add muscle. The fact of the matter is there are so many workouts, it can be hard to decide just what you should do. That’s why we have brought you the top ten kettlebell workout routines and put them in one place.

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10. Two Handed Swing

Two Handed Swing

This is an exercise that targets the shoulders, back, hips and glutes by standing up straight with the feet a bit more than a hip-distance apart. You then take the kettlebell with both hands and then explosively swing the kettlebell from just under your buttocks out in front of your body, while driving the hips forward as well. The impetus of movement should be from your hips.

9. Figure Eight

This exercise has you starting with your legs a bit more than shoulder width apart. You then lower yourself into a squat and start swinging the kettlebell with the left hand and swinging it outside the left leg, then back between the legs and changing hands. Repeat for as long as you can.

8. Front Squat

The front squat is pretty much exactly what a regular squat is if you are using a barbell or dumbbells but you are using a kettlebell instead. All of the motions are the same but you’ll be holding the device with both hands on the handle.

7. Windmill


For this one, you should hold the kettlebell in your right hand angle your feet about 45 degrees away from your right arm. Then raise your right arm over your head while keeping your eyes focused on the weight, then shift your weight to the right and start bending forward. The right arm should be extended over your head while you left arm is pointing at the floor.

6. Sumo High Pull

Sumo High Pull

This one starts with the weight between your feet. To complete the sumo high pull, you grab the handle with both hands with your knees bent and hips back. You then pull the weight up to the shoulders while also straightening your knees as your elbows come up.

5. Russian Twist

This particular exercise has made the list of the top kettlebell workout routines because you need something in there that can replace the crunch. The Russian twist does that with the added benefit of a kettlebell weight. You hold the weight with both hands on your chest and lean back to a 45-degree angle. You then rotate the torso in order to work the stomach muscles.

4. Clean to Rack

This is a lot like the clean and jerk in that you start with the weight between your feet and then start swinging the ball upwards by shrugging the shoulders and pulling the belly up as well. The shoulder should finish in the “rack” position. Bring the weight down and repeat.

3. Side Step

This move is much like the kettlebell swing only you are actually moving while you do it. When the bell is between the feet, take one step to the right and repeat the swing, then repeat the step.

2. Deadlifts


This is the same as a deadlift you would do with the barbell or dumbbell. You simply carry out this deadlift with the kettlebell which adds a degree of difficulty.

1. Shoulder Press

shoulder press

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Like some of the other exercises on this list, the shoulder press is really no different than the one you do with a barbell, you are simply using the kettlebell as opposed to a different weight. The motion is the same, you simply attempt to life the weight straight over your head, either standing or sitting.


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