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Kid Safe Cooking Tools To Get Them Excited To Cook

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Raising kids is a full-time job – there’s no argument there. Your priorities change after having kids. Instead of thinking about the best Dine Ins in town, you find yourself figuring out what diapers don’t cause rashes. Instead of wanting to party on the weekend, you just want a full night’s sleep. 

Juggling your parental duties with other tasks and responsibilities while finding enough time to rest and spend quality time with your kids can seem almost impossible. This is why it is a good idea to sneak in some bonding time with your kids. 

Not only can cooking with kids be fun for you and your kids, but it is also a great way to bond as a family. 

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any special cooking tools and kits for kids. Since they have to eventually start cooking with adult utensils, it is better to incorporate those into their cooking as early as possible. However, with younger kids around, you may end up being so worried about their safety in the kitchen that you miss out on enjoying the process. 

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Stocking up your kitchen with some cooking utensils geared towards younger chefs can help ease this tension. These utensils are made with safety and smaller hands in mind to make it easy and fun for kids to participate in the kitchen. 

From rainbow ingredient bowls to kid-friendly knives that actually work, here are some of the best kitchen utensils for kids. 

Kinderkitchen Essential Knife Set

The biggest issue with kid-friendly knives is that they just don’t seem to work. What’s the point of giving them a knife if it won’t even cut through a piece of rubber? Enter KinderKitchen Essential Knife Set. This 3-piece set comes with two dog-shaped knives – a serrated one that will allow your kids to cut through soft vegetables, cheese, and bread, and a non-serrated one which can be used for spreading and cutting fruits – and a duck-shaped herb snipper. 

Both of these knives have a long handle and a short blade, making it easier to be handled by kids with no prior experience with knives. These knives are great for building your kids’ confidence in the kitchen. According to the brand, the set is safe for kids aged 3 and above. 

Joseph Joseph Multicolored Nesting Bowls Set

Kids love bright and colorful things. So it only makes sense for their cooking utensils to follow suit. This Joseph Joseph Multicolored Nesting Bowls Set come in a variety of different sizes and colors. They come with easy-to-hold measuring cups and have handles for easy lifting. One of the bowls has a spout, making it easier for your kids to pour liquid ingredients into dry ones. The cleanup is super easy. And once they’re washed, they can easily be stacked up to be stored away conveniently.

Astra Gourmet 3-Piece Mini Spatula Set

Following suit of the colorful utensils while keeping smaller hands in mind is this colorful Astra Gourment 3-Piece Mini Spatula Set. All of these are just over 6 inches long, are made with heat resistant silicone material, are stain and odor-resistant, and are easy to clean. The regular spatula, spoon-like spatula, and basting brush come in bright colors of pink, red, and green, respectively. 

Not only are these great for spreading frosting, but the spoon-like scooped spatula is useful for stirring soups or sampling sauces. On the other hand, your kids will love painting their food with the basting brush. If your kids are creative enough, they can even use these for mixing up salads and pasta. And besides, who doesn’t love tiny, adorable things? 

Le Petit Chef Knife Set 

For kids who are relatively older (the brand recommends age group 5-12), this Le Petite Chef Knife Set is a great pick. Although the knife consists of a sharp blade, it comes with enough protection to prevent your kids from cutting themselves. The knife features a ring near the center, which allows your kid to have a sturdier grip and prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade. The set also comes with a finger guard to protect their fingers from cuts. The blade is made of stainless steel and requires no maintenance. 

Long Handled Wooden Spoons

Even if you think your kids are old enough to cook in big pots on the stove, it is a good idea to take some precautionary measures in the beginning. Long Handled Wooden Spoons are great to help them get started with cooking on the stove, as they allow them to work while keeping their hands far away from the heat. 

The spoons are handcrafted using 100% Natural Organic Bamboo and contain no rustic metal, melting plastic, or BPA silicone toxic materials. These are extremely sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and biodegradable. 

Little Girl Holding Cupcake With An Oven Mitt On One Hand

Flour Shop Kids Oven Mitt

You cannot get your kids started in the kitchen without getting them their own pair of oven mitts, can you? As your kids get ready to start draining pasta or putting their own dishes in the oven, it is important to make sure they have oven mitts that fit perfectly. Adult ones don’t provide enough grip to kids, as they tend to be very large as compared to their tiny hands. This can lead to some dangerous accidents. These Flour Shop Kids Oven Mitts are sprinkle patterned and are the perfect fit for smaller hands. They keep your kids’ hands safe around hot objects and would look adorable on their tiny hands!

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Having the right tools to help your kids be a part of the cooking process can make things fun and easy for both of you. So invest in the above products to turn your kids into little chefs in their own right.


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