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Kitchen Accessories and Gadgets

By Editorial Staff

kitchen accessoriesContributed by Info Guru David Galassi

There are things in your kitchen that needed: knives, one pot, a good frying pan, dishtowels and a big spoon.

And then there are the things that you need in kitchen, but that are definitely in the category of accessories and gadgets that go beyond the bare necessities. Which means, if you plan on spending any time at all in your kitchen, especially if you intend on actually cooking, you should head out with this list and outfit the most important room in your house.

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10. Counter top utensil holder

Counter top utensil holder

This handy and attractive holder mirrors that of a vase. Store all your cooking spoons, whisks, serving forks and spatulas in this easy to access counter top necessity and everything will be just a reach away and avoids that cluttered drawer.

9. Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter

Everyone has cooked a frozen pizza from time to time. Cutting with a steak knife is just messy and unsafe. A wheel type pizza cutter will come in handy and stores easily in any drawer.

8. Nonstick muffin tin

Nonstick muffin tin

Whether it be breakfast muffins, cupcakes or other desserts a nonstick muffin tin is a must have. Some recipes also have you cooking in the muffin tin as well. One example is cook single serving eggs in your muffin tin vs. messy poaching.

7. Pasta Pot

Pasta Pot

Everyone makes pasta in some manner or fashion. Boil water in one pot and then dump the contents and hot water into a colander. A pasta pot incorporates the strainer basket into the pot for easy pasta removal. Lift, shake and pour your pasta right into the serving dish. The pot can also be used for other food prep as well and the strainer insert acts as a colander should need be for rinsing veggies and fruit.

6. Garlic press

Garlic press

Garlic is used in numerous recipes and we have all seen TV chefs smash garlic cloves with a large knife and slice garlic slivers. To save time and effort a garlic press is an easy alternative to adding crushed garlic to any dish.

5. Mini Food processor

Mini Food processor

As opposed to a large food processor a mini has many food prep uses. Chop, dice, puree and blend many items for seasoning and finishing touches. Saves time cutting and chopping by hand and blends so much better.

4. Waffle iron

Waffle iron

A mainstay and easy breakfast food, waffles are liked by all. A good electric waffle iron and waffle batter recipe has breakfast whipped up in minutes. The electric design makes for easy and even cooking. Easy storage of the electric waffle iron is guaranteed as they do not take up much space.

3. Can opener

Can opener

A necessity, and some new type can openers cut the lid off and don’t leave a sharp edge. This makes for easy pouring. They also allow for plastic lids to snap onto the can for temporary refrigerator storage.

2. Counter Top Canisters

canisters at Fitz and Floyd

When cooking you will always need some flour, brown sugar or cup of rice. A handy counter top canister allows for fresh storage of store bought foods and keeps them within reach. Most store packaging will not allow for resealing so air tight canisters are the perfect solution and add some color and personality to your kitchen.

1. Plastic storage bins

Plastic storage bins

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Every leftover needs a place to spend the night. Plastic storage bins aka: Tupperware, come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Food preparation and leftover storage require air tight sealing to insure freshness. These storage containers are not limited to the kitchen and food either. Store hardware and office supplies along with pet food and craft accessories as well.


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