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Life Celebrations

By Editorial Staff

life celebrationsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Momentous occasions don’t happen every day, but the memories they create last a lifetime.

Everyone walks their own path, but many of us seem to make similar stops along the way. Events like graduating and getting that first big job are the kind of events that merit a good time.

These top 10 life celebrations should bring loved ones together with goofy hats and plenty of toasts to go around.

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10. Graduation


Graduating from school marks the end of an important time in your life, and the beginning of unchartered waters. Passing all your courses, ordering a cap and gown, and sitting through rehearsals are all part of the process. When graduation is done, it’s time to party. Your family and friends were a part of your journey so it’s fitting to gather them at the finish line. Enjoy the picnics and gatherings they can’t wait to throw in your honor.

9. Championship Win

Championship Win

The moment a team wins a championship, whether its gymnastics, dance team, swimming, football or another sport, is pure joy. These are life celebrations not just for the players and coach, but for the parents and community. It gives people a sense of pride to be a part of something winning. Hard work, commitment, practice, team work, investment in gear and sports uniforms or dance team costumes … championship titles don’t come easy so live it up when they do.

8. Retirement


After decades of working hard, it’s time for you to relax. Retiring from a profession is a time to bring together your former colleagues as well as friends and families. Toast to the freedom that lies ahead, to future travels and all of things you’ve always wanted to try, but never had time for.

7. New Job

New Job

Getting a new job enables you to take care of yourself and life’s responsibilities. It means things are looking up, and that should have everyone raising their glasses. Along with a new suit, treat yourself and someone special to a delicious dinner, or invite friends over for a backyard barbecue. Whether it’s a job to pay the bills while you pursue a dream job or that position you’ve studied and worked hard for, a new job helps you build the life you want.

6. Milestone Anniversaries

Milestone Anniversaries

Milestone anniversaries are a time to step out of your day-to-day routine and look at how far you’ve come. Whether you’re ten years into a business that you started on a dime, or 25 years into a marriage, these milestone occasions merit something special. Throw a party to thank your customers for their support, or ask your significant other on a date.

5. New Home

New Home

Traditionally, the groom carrying his bride over the threshold of their new house is the official end of the honeymoon and beginning of that new life they’ve planned for. People do it more often these days, but moving into a new house is always a special time. Next step: make that house into a home with cozy home furnishings.

4. Meeting the Love of Your Life

Meeting the Love of Your Life

Some people are too suspicious to let themselves celebrate a budding romance, but why not. If it feels possible that a person could be the love of your life, share the excitement with a friend. Waxing poetic about a possible crush/new boyfriend is what late night conversations with the girls are all about.

3. Achieving a Monster Goal

Achieving a Monster Goal

We all have something that we’re itching to do, but not entirely sure we even can. Whether it’s running a marathon, writing a book or learning a language in a foreign country, doing something outside of your comfort zone helps you grow as a person. When you actually achieve that goal the whole world should know it.

2. Weddings


Wedding ceremonies vary from traditional to completely out of the box, but the degree of importance is the same. You pour your heart into the planning, from save-the-dates to customizing wedding favors and it all adds up to the moment of “I do”. Two people join themselves together filled with hope and dreams. This is one of the life celebrations to be shares with loved ones.

1. Birth of Children

Birth of Children

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They say it takes a whole community to raise a child. While some parents may beg to differ, communities love to celebrate a child’s birth. Pink or blue balloons get tied to the front porch and suddenly everyone who passes by is happier. After nine long months of discomfort and endless wishes for a healthy baby, mom and dad deserve every gift basket and booklet of babysitting coupons that come their way.


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