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A list of the best of look good in jeans tipsContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

For generations, a majority of Americans have built their wardrobes around jeans.

What starts as the bottom half of play clothes during childhood becomes a staple during adolescence and a bare necessity for many adults. So why is it so many of us are still clueless when it comes to figuring out how to actually look good in jeans?

By applying a short mental checklist to every pair tried on from this day forward, I bet we can all find jeans that look and feel just right.

Perfect Fit

Just for you

A list of the best of look good in jeans tips

Forget how jeans look on a model or mannequin’s body. The only way to find jeans that will flatter your shape is to try them on and feel for yourself if they hug your body in the right places. Women with small butts should stay away from large pockets that extend to the thighs, while ladies with curves should steer clear of low rise backs. Note that flair jeans lend shape to longer legs. Petite women will like what they see when trying on skinny jeans with inseams less than 30 inches. Neiman Marcus carries an extensive line of designer jeans.


Soft not stiff

No fabric flattens your backside more effectively than a stiff jean. If that’s not what you’re going for, and I hope you’re not, Red Book magazine recommends jeans that have a blend of Lycra or spandex. For instance, the straight jean pictured here is 98% cotton 2% lycra spandex for just a hint of stretch. Soft, thinner material looks and feels super sexy. It also offers the most glorious perk of all: comfort. Pay no attention to stylists who say you can’t look hot and feel comfy in your clothes.


The wow factor

A list of the best of look good in jeans tips

Beyond fit, style is the key to looking good in jeans. Any great pair of pants should bring something to the outfit besides simply covering you up. In the fitting room, ask yourself what each pair does for your overall look. When you go shopping, wear a top you’d normally pair with jeans. The pair of jeans pictured here features embellished stitching that accentuates curves and pocket design that adds subtle flair. The width of bootcuts and flares looks great on women with hips, low rise jeans look great on smaller ladies, and any gal with sass can pull off skinnies, straight legs or boyfriend jeans.

Get a Second Opinion

Stylish friends are gold

A list of the best of look good in jeans tips

Ever buy a pair of jeans that looked amazing in the fitting room and not so much once you got them home? Maybe they were switched at the cashier, or maybe you were tired and ready to leave but not willing to go home empty handed. Bringing a friend along turns a shopping chore into a fun day, plus that second opinion on a style like classic fit will also ensure you get the right size. A friend will shake her head if you try on acid wash, and tell you what three-way mirrors and fluorescent lights can’t, which is how good you look in jeans on a scale of “No” to “Buy those. You look incredible.”


Beyond basic blue

A list of the best of look good in jeans tips

Blue may not be the only option on the jean shelf, but it’s still a go-to color for work or play. Choose solid, dark wash jeans for a polished, sleek pair that will look good in the office, street, or for a night out. Along with black, dark blue jeans are a slimming, natural choice for almost any blouse or tunic. Washed out, faded jeans look more casual and work well with vintage tops. As for the trendy purple, red and pink jeans filling magazines, opt for a basic style, like skinny or straight leg, a plain top and only wear them if you plan to rock them. Check out Bebe jeans for a rainbow of choices.

Head to Toe

The whole shebang

turquoise skinny jeans

Looking good in jeans doesn’t begin and end at your bottom half. The beauty of a perfect pair of jeans is that they can look good with sandals, heals, boots or sneakers, and almost any top as long as the colors work together and the styles don’t clash. Go for whatever trend you want to try, just get that second opinion before you buy. A few styling suggestions: pair wide or looser jeans with a snug top for a flirty tomboy look, cuff straight legs to highlight heals, wear boots over skinny jeans, and dress up intensely colorfuk jeans, like the turquoise pair pictured above, with a glitzy top or super-soft silk tank.

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