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Luggage Packing Pointers

By Editorial Staff

packing tipsby Info Guru Bryce Hammons

Whether it’s work related, vacation oriented, or simply a last minute “get-away-from-reality” sort of deal, travel is an important part of our lives.

The responsibilities involved can sometimes make us miss the point of getting away, though. Remembering to pack certain items, preparing the kids for a long journey, or setting up services to keep your home running smoothly can be both time consuming and taxing.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at helpful packing tips for that next great (and relaxing) adventure. Travel connoisseurs, read on!

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10. Take a Lock

Take a Lock

Airlines will need your bags to be unlocked; but, after the flight, it’s good to safeguard items in your suitcase. Lock up and give yourself peace of mind for the duration of your trip.

9. Go Light

Go Light

Have you ever tried to lug what feels like a 200-pound suitcase down the stairs, into the trunk, through the airport, and off the spinning carousel? It’s no fun. Try packing lighter, with two smaller suitcases as potential ideas – Maybe even with wheels.

Understand that you will need to be able to carry your equipment up stairs, rough streets, and other potentially problematic areas. So, plan ahead and try to remember lighter is better.

8. Speaking of Planning Ahead

 Speaking of Planning Ahead

Find out what the weather might be and the type of activities you will be participating in. Once you have the basics, you’ll be able to pack accordingly: a rain slicker for Seattle, short-shorts for California during the summer, seventeen layers of clothing for Minnesota in the winter, etc.

7. Folding techniques

folding techniques

For optimal space and less creasing, travelers can:
• Roll clothes – Simply lay your items (works best with skirts, sports shirts, and pants) face down, fold in sleeves, and roll, starting from the bottom up.
• Fold clothes together – Take two pairs of clothing and place half of one on top of the other. Then, fold the bottom pair over the top and take the top and fold down. You’ll get extra cushioning and the potential for less wrinkling at the folds.
• Use the bundle approach – For more information on the intricate bundle approach, head over to the Independent Traveler to learn the technique. With it, you’ll be able to save space and cut down on problematic wrinkles.

6. For Airline Passengers

For Airline Passengers

To avoid paying extra baggage fees or experiencing other such hiccups during your pre-flight scramble, it’s good to understand the rules and regulations. Head over to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) webpage to find out more about carry-on luggage, checked bags, and other rules to live by before and after your flight.

5. Items Not To Bring Along

 Items Not To Bring Along

• Jewelry or other valuables
• Lots of cash
• Entire beauty regiment
• Multiple guidebooks
• Too many clothes

These products on the “no-no” list can add weight and/or be tempting for workers or thieves. Leave them at home to be extra safe.

4. Don’t Pack Items You Can Buy at Your Destination

Don’t Pack Items You Can Buy at Your Destination

Items like aspirin, nail polish, books and more, can be purchased at most (if not all) locations. Convenience stores and mini-markets will have many of the items you will need. By buying there, you will cut down on weight of your suitcases and the amount of space used for your trip.

3. Don’t Forget the Essentials

Don’t Forget the Essentials!

Some of the “essentials” may include:
• Your passport (if heading outside the country)
• Important medications
• I.D.
• Tickets
• Children (just kidding, you’ll remember them)

2. On the Way Home

On the Way Home

Be sure to carry all of your film on the plane with you as the scanning equipment used by airlines can damage underdeveloped film. In addition, for anything that you don’t want strangers handling, simply place items in a clear plastic bag to keep safe.

1. Don’t Stress

Don’t Stress

Follow these helpful packing tips above and – breathe – don’t worry. So you forgot something? You’ll most likely be able to find it at a local store. So you misplaced something? It may be found or it can be replaced.

It’s raining when the weather forecaster said it would be clear and in the high 80’s. You’ll adapt. In the end, it’s about getting away and experiencing something new and exciting (unless it’s travel for work – sorry).

So, follow these guidelines and have yourself a great time seeing the world with just the right amount of luggage not to completely weigh you down on your newest adventure.


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