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Manly Celebration Rituals

By Editorial Staff

manly celebrationsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Men and women obviously differ in terms of biology and genetics; however, they also differ in personality traits, likes and dislikes.

Generally speaking, men are usually stereotyped as wanting to do activities that are manlier such as playing sports or chopping wood versus more traditionally feminine activities such as shopping or crafts. Men and women also differ in how they celebrate certain occasions ranging from birthdays, to job promotions to engagements to winning awards. Women may like to throw parties with their best girlfriends, hit the malls for retail treats or have a wine and cheese night. In contrast, men may prefer to have more manly celebrations that are low-key, simple and involve less talking, more action and more relaxation. Check out the following top 10 manly celebration rituals below and try celebrating with one of them next time something good happens in life.

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10. Cigar smoking

 Cigar smoking

Many men will enjoy smoking a top quality cigar to celebrate something special or big news. In many instances, men who enjoy a cigar occasionally are not regular cigarette smokers; rather, they simple use a special occasion as an opportunity to sit back with a strongly-flavored cigar and/or to bond with mates. Don’t forget a special lighter for that cigar!

9. Pub


Among the most popular manly celebration rituals would be going to a pub, club or bar for a drink with best friends. After a cause worth celebrating, such as closing a big deal at work, many men will go out for a drink or two to relax, listen to some pub music and just be free from the office or any home demands.

8. Ballgame


We all know that both men and women can love sports, but sports have stereotypically been viewed as a manly ritual for many decades. Celebrate a job well done, a birthday or a weekend off by going out to a ballgame, basketball game or football game with your best male buds.

7. Golf


Manly celebrations don’t get much better than a day spent at the driving range. Gather up a few of your best male friends, your brother or your father for a day spent walking around the greens putting golf balls. Golf is a sport that can be relaxing but that also requires good hand-eye coordination skills which makes it an ideal activity for a manly day.

6. BBQ


Many men would rather to forgo the bar or club scene in favor of low-key weekends and evenings spent at home. While the kitchen has formerly been seen as more of a woman’s domain, manly men tend to prefer barbequing for grilling up manly meats such as steak, sausages and hot dogs.

5. TV viewing

 TV viewing

Some men would prefer to celebrate special occasions in the comfort of their own home in front of the tube. Turn TV viewing into a manly celebration by inviting best pals over for a UFC match or the Super Bowl complete with TV treats and tasty snacks.

4. Hand bump, fist bump

Hand bump, fist bump

Football players celebrate touchdowns with fancy footwork dancing in the end zone. Similarly, men may celebrate happy news, a promotion or a game-winning sporting goal with celebratory hand bumps and fist pumps to acknowledge a big “yeah!”

3. Movie-time


Gather together your best buds for a trip to the movie theatre for a celebratory occasion. The movies are a fun way to relax, de-stress and treat yourself for a job well done. Men may particularly enjoy watching thriller, horror, action or science fiction movies that their best gal pals, girlfriends or wives would otherwise not wish to see.

2. Camping


Camping is among the top manly celebration rituals since it combines the great outdoors, solitude and boy scouting duties. Men will enjoy treating themselves to a weekend away from home and work responsibilities by camping under the stars in a tent and sleeping bag while cooking up meals over an open fire.

1. Fishing


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Fishing is a celebration ritual enjoyed by most men who love being outdoors and being one with nature. Fishing allows men to just be themselves and quiet with the world while showing off the newest fishing gear and dropping a line in the water. It can also bring up some good-natured fun as men compete to see who can net the most fish or catch the biggest meal.


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