Meaning of gemstones

Learn the meaning of gemstones to communicate the right subliminal message

Learn the meaning of gemstones to communicate the right subliminal message

When discussing jewelry, people often get caught up in diamond chatter, forgetting there are other gemstones equally beautiful and often preferred over diamonds because of their magnificent color. Because each gemstone is so unique, each has evolved its own distinct personality and significance. What is the meaning of gemstones?

Aside from their beauty, these stones have actual meanings. When you give a stone to a loved one, know in advance what it represents so you can explain to her what the jewel means.

For example, your wife just got a new job, and you are hoping she makes a lot of money. Why not gift her with a beautiful necklace or ring or bracelet featuring a money stone for good luck? A money stone? What’s that? Those stones that are considered money stones are garnet, malachite, citrine, fire opal and topaz, just to name a few. The folklore is these particular stones carry energies that enable the recipient to have increased money flow in their direction.

Your daughter is about to compete in a big race. Give her a good luck stone. Choose from turquoise, tiger’s eye, amber and pink opal, among many others.

Your son is moving cross-country and you are worried about his safety. Give him a protection stone, choosing from black onyx, amethyst, red jasper or serpentine, to name a few. Protection jewels reportedly guard against illness and back luck, evil, bad business relationships, enemies and ensure safe travel.

If you are in the market for a very special piece of jewelry, such as an engagement or anniversary ring, consider getting a gemstone surrounded by diamonds. Pick a stone that means something special.

Think about purchasing getting an emerald, which is a striking dark green. It stands for hope and is considered the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess. Emeralds are believed to preserve love and represent prophecy. Folklore says the emerald wearer gains wisdom and reason and finds tranquility. In Christianity, the emerald means hope and faith. In other cultures, it is the sign for fertilizing rain.

A sapphire is blue and the word ‘sapphire’ means blue in Greek. The color ranges from pale blue to nearly black blue, but the preferred sapphire is a stalwart blue. Sapphires do come in other colors including yellow, pink, green, clear or violet, but blue is the most popular hue. This rock is called the ‘stone of destiny,’ promoting perception and mental clarity as well as financial rewards.

Some believe a sapphire can cure a sore throat. This stone is the symbol of joyful devotion to God and represents heaven.

Another gemstone, topaz, is considered the rock of success and true love. It comes in various colors including yellow, blue, white, green, pink, gold, red, brown, colorless and reddish-yellow.

The topaz’ metaphysical properties include promoting self confidence, creativity, individuality and expression of ideas. The wearer stops having doubts about his decisions and is assisted and inspired. This stones serves as a manifestation of a person’s desires as well as jump starts the laws of attraction. The wearer has faith and is receptive and willing.
A dark, red ruby is the stone of priests, kings and leaders because it its believed to guide people in making noble and wise decisions. The ruby’s energy is vibrant and powerful. it is believed those wearing a ruby will experience delight and the capacity to follow their dreams, as well as make a difference in the world. Rubies prompt inspiration and motivation and teach the wearer how valued he is.

Now that you have the lowdown on the meaning of gemstones, you can pick the perfect one for your loved one.