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Men’s Business Fashion Tips

By Editorial Staff

men's business fashion tipsby Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Why do men need fashion advice? Because they’re men, that’s why!

We don’t have the gene that women call upon to match shirts to pants, belts to shoes and ties to whatever ties are supposed to match up to. Let’s face it – if there was a sport that offered men’s fashion advice at halftime, we’d never go to the bathroom during games. I’ve been around long enough to learn some things by mistake, so check out these men’s business fashion tips before heading to work and you just might avoid that look women get when they know you dressed yourself.

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10. Get A Good Basic Suit

Get A Good Basic Suit

Even if you only wear one to weddings, funerals and meetings with your parole officer, it pays to wear a nice solid suit. Navy, grey or black are suitable colors for all occasions. Even if the suit is off the rack and on sale, pay a tailor to make it look like it was made for you.

9. Match Belt With Shoes

Match Belt With Shoes

This is an easy one to follow. Even if you don’t plan to remove your coat, make sure your belt and shoes match. If you don’t have a belt that goes with your running shoes, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t wear running shoes with your suit.

8. Ask A Woman

Ask A Woman

Other than your mom, any woman will give you an honest answer when you ask how your clothes look. Even if her own outfit looks like Lady Gaga’s meat dress exploded, she’s still better at judging fashion than you are.

7. Add An Overcoat

Add An Overcoat

Outside of the hot climates, a good overcoat not only keeps you warm but also protects your suit from the elements. Trench coats are best for formal occasions and for cooler or wetter climates. A car coat or a 3/4 length coat look good whether over a suit or jeans.

6. Match Socks and Pants

Match Socks and Pants

Another easy piece of men’s fashion advice that will keep you out of trouble is to match dress socks with pants. Unless you’re playing golf, don’t pair your argyle socks with argyle trousers – match the most dominant color in plaid or striped socks with the dominant color of your pants.

5. Pull Over A Cashmere Sweater

Pull Over A Cashmere Sweater

When deciding on clothes that begin with “sweat,” got with sweater over sweatshirt. A solid color cashmere sweater can be worn with or without a shirt and feels as good as it looks. It’s perfect events that aren’t formal enough or cold enough for a jacket.

4. Go Easy On The Jewelry

Go Easy On The Jewelry

Unless you’re going to a dance club where the music can be heard from the space shuttle, don’t bring the bling. Keep your jewelry choices simple – a quality watch, a subtle bracelet or cuff links are enough to add a little dash instead of a lot of flash.

3. Wear Nice Shoes

Wear Nice Shoes

Why do women have so many shoes? Because it’s the first item of clothing they notice on other women … and men too. Invest in a good pair of leather dress shoes – black is the most versatile color – and keep them polished. They’ll even look good with jeans.

2. When In Doubt, Wear White Out

When In Doubt, Wear White Out

We’re talking dress shirts here. A good quality white dress shirt goes with all of your suits, ties, jeans and jackets. It makes getting dressed quick and easy. Get more than one if you like eating spaghetti or meat with gravy.

1. Look In A Mirror

Look In A Mirror

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I’m not talking about the rear view mirror on your pickup truck unless you’re checking to see if your baseball cap goes with your camouflage jacket. Use a full-length mirror or stand back from the big one in the bathroom and check yourself out. Besides making sure you’ve followed these fashion tips, it’s always a good idea to check your fly.


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