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New Employee Onboarding Needs

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

happy woman at deskContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

The hiring process doesn’t stop when the new employee comes to work on the first day. In truth, the most important part of it is just beginning: the onboarding process. The bridge from applicant to new hire to employee can make all the difference in loyalty, productivity and work success down the road.

There’s more to that first day with your company than just showing someone to their office or work space. Here are ten important elements of new employee onboarding needs that can establish a solid start to a long term business relationship.

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10. The forms they need to work

file folder

Every new employee in the U.S. needs to complete several forms on their first day. Take the guess work out of the on-boarding paper chase by creating folders containing all the forms they need, plus instructions for completing them. That way, instead of running from office to office or being told later on that they didn’t complete some critical form, everything is in one organized packet.

Assign one person to collect and review the packet to ensure that everything is completed, then let them distribute the paperwork. Your new employee needs to get to work, not to spend days searching out who needs each document.

9.Office supplies

pile of paper clips

There’s probably nothing more awkward than sitting down at your desk on the first day at a new job and realizing you don’t have any folders, pens, notepads or other basic office supplies you need to do anything. Save your new employees from the need to borrow supplies on day one by stocking their desk or workstation with the paper goods, pens and other tools they need to jump in and get busy.

8. Safety gear

personal protective equipment

If the job involves safety issues, one of the most important new employee onboarding needs is to make sure they have the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) they need. If the employee is responsible for providing some or all of their gear, have a check-list in place to make sure everything is up to company and industry safety standards.

If the company provides PPE, everything needed should be issued before the new employee walks onto the work floor, into the biohazard area, or heads out to the job site for the first time. When it comes to safety, later is not an option.

7. Business cards

sample blue business card

Even if the new employee’s job doesn’t involve interacting with clients or customers, you should provide them with business cards. Why? First, having business cards with a name and title is a wonderful way to make a new employee feel like they’re already a member of the team. That translates into greater commitment and a sense of pride in their work.

And there’s a second reason, too. Your employees…every one of them…is a potential word-of-mouth advertiser for your company. When they talk about it at a party, at a professional group, in their college dorm, they’re getting the word out about your company. So leverage that mention by providing every employee with full color business cards from the day they start.

6. A healthy workspace

JOBRI ergonomic seating

From the day they arrive, every new employee deserves a safe and healthy workspace. In a warehouse, that might mean Personal Protective gear. In a office setting, it could mean ergonomic seating and a effective lighting. Effective work starts with the right setting.

5. Training

employee training

Whether the your new hire is someone with years of work experience or fresh out of school, they will need at least some training in the way things are done in your company. But too many companies provide “training” on a trial and error basis, where the new staff member tries something only to be chastised because “we don’t do things that way here.” Not a good way to build a quality workforce!

Employee training in policies, procedures, safety rules and other requirements for the job is a critical part of effective onboarding, and needs to start on day one.

4. Technology

man with computer in office

Make sure any work computers, telephones and other technology are in place before the employee arrives. Have a list with passwords, email addresses and other important sign-on details ready for your new staffer. Just as with the office supplies, every employee deserves to have the tools they need without having to search for the IT folks or (even worse), feeling like they need to look suitably busy without actually having the devices to do any work.

3. A map

Restroom sign

If your business is large, a printed map showing the various offices, break rooms, rest rooms, entrances and exits is a must have. No one want to wander around looking lost while they try to find the bathrooms or the HR office.

If you’re a small company, a quick tour to point out the key points will do.

2. A copy of the company handbook

employee handbook

Even if you provide training on company policies, every employee needs to have a written copy of the policies and procedures. Do have the new staff member sign a form (paper or electronic) acknowledging that they received the employee handbook. That signature could protect your company down the road in the event of a labor dispute or lawsuit.

1. A friendly welcome

smiling man at coffee house

One of the best things your new colleague can get on Day One is a warm and sincere welcome. That feeling of being appreciated can be the start of a long and successful business relationship.

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What happens when a new employee starts can affect every day from then on. Make sure you’re ready to make it a great one!


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