New Kitchen Vegetables to Grow this Year

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kitchen gardenby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

New varieties of vegetables are specifically touted by seed companies every season.

If you are new to gardening, it’s easy to pick something that you haven’t tried before. Experience vegetable gardeners can treat themselves this year by selecting a new and unique vegetable to add to their kitchen garden.

10. Super Hot Peppers

peppers from Pepper Joe's

The Hot peppers are perfect for container gardeners and, as the name suggests, those struggling with a short growing season. The right varieties set an abundance of medium-sized peppers very early, and grow to only 3’ tall at its highest. These rosy gems are said to taste “balanced” and “mild,” making them ideal for exotic and adventuresome cooking.

9. Festive Filet Bean Blend

Festive Filet Bean Blend

This “green bean” seed blend offers a mix of green, golden-yellow, and deep purple filet beans. Picked while still young and slim, the color burst and bush size of this blend make it ideal for small gardens.

8. Charleston Hot Peppers

Charleston Hot Peppers

Spice it up a bit! Charleston Hot Peppers will brighten up your garden plot and give you lots of colorful fruit with heat just this side of a habanero. A favorite for Carolina hot sauce.

7. Patio Baby Eggplant

Patio Baby Eggplant

Another good one for the container gardener, Patio Baby eggplant is a big producer for its small size, yielding 3” almost-black fruit early enough for even our northern gardeners to get a good crop.

6. Clio Dandelion Greens

Clio Dandelion Greens

Don’t forget to eat your greens! Clio Dandelion Greens, a member of the chicory family, has large, deliciously tender leaves. And, for our southern gardeners, this one can take the summer heat better than most.

5. Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck Squash

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck tastes like butternut squash, but with a longer neck, making it a visually interesting addition to your horticultural adventures. This one is touted to be a great producer.

4. Yellow Jelly Bean Tomato

Yellow Jelly Bean Tomato

The Yellow Jelly Bean tomato is sweet and prolific, with a long harvest season. Easy to grow and pretty as they come.

3. Moonraker Carrots

Moonraker Carrots

Moonraker carrots are a deep, true orange with plenty of disease resistance and a high yield, making this another easy to grow vegetable to add to your repertoire.

2. Lady Godiva Pumpkins

 Lady Godiva Pumpkins

Lady Godiva pumpkins are called such because of their “naked” seeds, for which they are primarily grown. The hulless seeds make good eating, and these ornamental darlings are visually appealing with their green and orange stripes.

1. Walla Walla Sweet Onions

 Walla Walla Sweet Onions

You can never have too many onions, and these Walla Walla onions are some of the sweetest around! This is a large slicing onion, cold tolerant and strong, which will rival the Vidalia any day.

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