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Nice Things to do for People

By Editorial Staff

nice things to doby Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

The world would be a better place if we were all a little more compassionate, caring and loving towards each other.

This is particularly true in today’s fast-paced, hectic and rushed society. Most people today rarely take the time to say please and thank you, show gratitude, help another person out or even give a smile of acknowledgement to passengers on the street. However, taking the time to do nice things for other people is good for society and also good for the soul as an individual. It rarely matters just what it is that you do for someone else, rather what’s important is that you do something out of the goodness of your heart and compassion. Try one or more of the following top 10 nice things to do for people and get started on spreading some good cheer!

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10. Ahead of the line

Ahead of the line

Letting someone ahead of you in a line-up is one of the top nice things to do for people. This good deed shows that you have a friendly attitude and are aware of other people around you. You can let someone go ahead of you the next time you’re waiting in a long line at the store or even while out driving in traffic.

9. Gift it

Gift it

Gifts are usually given to people on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays like Christmas. Do something nice for people by giving them a gift that has some special meaning or at least shows you thought about them. Even better, surprise a friend, family member or colleague with a gift on any normal day to show them that you care and appreciate them.

8. Surprise party

Surprise party

Parties are fun at any age but most people will not organize their own party as they may be embarrassed or not want to spend the extra time and effort on themselves. If this is true of a friend or family member, consider throwing them a surprise party to take the pressure and work stress off of them.

7. Tip


Although tipping may be standard in many restaurants, hotels or salons nowadays, many people may still not tip or give the minimum. If you have a waiter, server, barista or stylist that is especially helpful and provides great service, tip them a little extra on top of the usual costs to show appreciation.

6. Coffee break

Coffee break

An increasingly popular and well-known nice thing to do for people is to buy them a coffee or drink on the house. This is particularly true for strangers where you purchase a coffee for the guy or gal standing behind you in line without them knowing.

5. Friendly treats

Friendly treats

If you have new neighbors moving next door or into your neighborhood, go ahead and do something nice for them by baking up a few treats. Introducing yourself to new people with a tray of cookies or Tupperware of muffins helps ease your way into introductions and shows thoughtfulness.

4. Support


Among the top nice things to do for people is to provide a source of support for them when needed. Everyone experiences hard times during their lives and it’s essential to have help and a shoulder to cry on when you are feeling at loss or upset.

3. Thank you card

Thank you card

Writing a thank you card to a friend or colleague is a great way to do something nice for someone else. A thank you card is appropriate after receiving gifts such as at a baby or bridal shower. However, it is also thoughtful to provide a card to someone who helped you during a hard time in your life or gave you great advice.

2. Babysit


Most parents want to get out more and enjoy some free time to themselves as individuals and as couples. However, having kids can make it difficult to schedule date nights let alone an hour to shop alone or run errands. Do something nice for others by offering to babysit or take the kids off of parents’ hands a couple times a month.

1. Smile


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The top nice thing to do for people is very simple: smile more. Smiling shows other people that you are friendly, thoughtful and approachable. Seeing someone else smile can instantly perk you up and put a smile on your face. Remember it’s the little things in life that are important and that we should be grateful for.


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