No-Fail Holiday Gifts for Fathers

no fail holiday gifts for fathers

Chances are that your father has been a great influence in your life.

This holiday season, show your father how much you appreciate him with a great gift. Every father is different, but hopefully you will find this guide to the top ten holiday gifts for fathers useful as you search for the perfect way to say “I love you dad” this year.

10. Food Delivery Subscription

steak gift

Over the past couple of years the idea of food subscription services have really taken off. Now there are more options than ever offering everything from ready-to-cook gourmet meals, restaurant quality steaks, to exotic potato chips from around the world. Another great thing about these services is that they offer various packages at different price points.

9. Some New Bedding or Linens


Fathers, being men, generally don’t pay much attention to things like linens, matched bedding sets, and other domestic necessities. If you have noticed that your dad’s tablecloth has worn thin or that his bedding is becoming off-white from years of machine washing, perhaps this year you should treat him to a nice new set of sheets and blankets!

8. Tools

tools at Sears

In my experience dads love practical gifts no matter the occasion. This year maybe stop by a little before the holidays, slip out to his garage or workshop and see what power tools and accessories are missing or on need of replacement. His eyes will light up as wonder how you knew his old belt-sander was broken!

7. Decorations for His Personal Space

clock at Bellacor

Every father has their own sort of person space in the house. Sometimes its an in-home office, sometimes it’s a man cave, and sometimes its a workshop or something else. Perhaps your father would like an unusual wall clock or a framed gold copy of his favorite album to hang on the wall and truly make the space his own.

6. Car Care Products

covercraft seat covers

Dads love car care products for the same reason they love tools, because they are practical. Consider getting your father car seat covers or top quality floor mats, or even a car care set – these sometimes come as pre-made gift baskets or you can make one yourself.

5. Take Him to an Event

hockey game

Perhaps your dads favorite band is on tour for one last time, or maybe he has always wanted to see the famous contortionists of Cirque du Soleil. Is ice hockey his thing, or football? This year you should consider taking your father to an event that you will both enjoy, this will also provide a great chance for some father-child bonding.

4. Wine, Beer, Spirits

wine at Wine Country Gift Baskets

If your father has a favorite beer, wine or spirit then perhaps you should let that preference guide your holiday shopping choices. Whether it’s a fine chardonnay or hearty red, a well-aged scotch, or a case of rare craft beer, alcohol is a fine gift choice.

3. Sports Equipment

disc golf

If your dad likes disc golf, jai-alai or plays in a local recreation league then sporting equipment is probably a good way to go this year.

2. Sports Memorabilia

sports memorabilia

While we’re on the subject of sports, memorabilia is always a good choice for sports fans. There is a surprisingly wide range of options for sports related gifts these days.

1. Grilling Products

grills at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Grilling products are a fantastic choice for dad this holiday. Get him a new grill, or set of grill tools or some premium steaks to serve on a special occasion.

I hope that you have found this guide to the top ten holiday gifts for fathers helpful. I know that dads tend to say things “i don’t want anything” or “you don’t have to get me anything special a lot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them a great gift anyway!

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow

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