Organize photo albums like a professional

Photo albums are a cinch to organize with these tips

Photo albums are a cinch to organize with these tips

You can learn to organize photo albums like a professional with just a few easy tips. From organizing photographs in chronological order to creative displays in scrapbooks, photographs can be arranged to meet your needs and convey your style.


Stroll down the photo aisle in a large department store or explore online photo accessory retailers to see what’s available. Discover everything from electronic photo albums to leather photo albums and themed designs on photo albums. Usually, an album has plastic sleeves in which to insert the photographs. In a scrap book, you may have to use paste and tape. You can even create a digital scrapbook.


Where to Store a Photo Album


Assuming your photographs aren’t digital (in which case they’ll probably be stored on your computer or on a disc), albums can be stored in bookcases, on coffee tables, or in the den or recreation room. It’s a good idea to keep them away from places where heat, humidity and water may possibly ruin them, like basements and attics. Photo storage boxes are another solution.


The best place to keep albums is where you have easy access to them, while also keeping them safe. Store albums upright / vertically if possible – this helps prevent damage to your photos.



Ways to Organize Photo Albums


Here are some of the ways that photo albums can be organized:


  1. Chronological Order ? One of the most popular ways to display photographs is by arranging them in chronological order. With this method, you get to see photos of a person as he or she grows up. You get to view the photos in the order the event happened, which is much like watching a movie of your (or someone else’s) life. Try to display the date prominently so you can see at a glance what year the photograph was taken.
  2. Scrapbooks ? One of the hottest trends is scrapbooking. Scrapbooking lets you add creativity to your photograph albums. Display mementos and notes alongside photographs to give them even more meaning. Create scrapbooks that your family will cherish forever.
  3. Themes ? Organize photo albums like a professional by choosing themes and then arranging the photos around the theme. Themes can range from colors, to places (all the ones at Disneyland? or all the photos of your trip to Italy), people, groups, time periods, long-hair days, birthday parties, weddings and more.
  4. Organize photo albums according to subject matter. You may choose to put all photos of one person in one album, with all photos of a wedding in another album. Family vacation albums let you take a look back in time at all your favorite vacation photos.
  5. Designer layouts ? Arrange your photographs in any design you choose with three-ring or four-ring binder photo pages. These have the lift-up plastic sheets so you can arrange a whole page as you wish ? you don’t have to put photos in individual slots.


Types of Photo Albums


From petite wallet size albums to large formal albums, there is a photo album to suit every need. The type of photo album you choose will depend on the use you plan for the album. If you want to display it on a coffee table so friends can easily view them, then you may want to opt for a large, elaborate album design. If you want it to fit in your purse so you can show the guys at work, choose a wallet size album. Electronic photo albums contain several photos and work like a picture frame, except the picture keeps changing. Remember these are your precious memories so buy the highest quality album you can afford to help you preserve these valuable photographs as long as possible.


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