Pack for a resort vacation in the sun and put your worries on hold

Pack for a resort vacation in the sun and put your worries on hold

All-inclusive trips are a blast. It?s just too bad they don?t include a packing service for those of us who treat luggage like a bottomless pit that for some reason won?t close. Fortunately there?s a light at the end of the tunnel: Vacation!

Figuring out what to pack for a resort vacation is easy. It?s deciding what to eliminate that?s the hard part. Let?s start with casual resort clothes and go from there. Consider the duration of your stay, what the weather will be like and the types of activities you?ll be doing.


The closet is the first place vacation-bound packers turn to because choosing what to wear is the fun part. This is also where good intentions to pack light go out the window. There?s a wide gap between what you think you?ll need and what you?ll actually end up wearing.

Women: One pair of jeans, slacks or khakis and a light sweater will keep you warm on the plane and during cool nights. Bring two pairs of shorts, four casual tops and one casual sundress to round out your day attire. Plan to layer up with a long-sleeve tee or light pullover you can stuff in your bag when not wearing.

Fellows: Men?s resort fashions are designed with the perfect mix of sophistication and laid-back style. Choose one pair of slacks or jeans, three pairs of casual shorts and four shirts for day time. For chilly temperatures bring a thin jacket that compresses in luggage.

When you pack for a resort vacation, keep in mind that you’ll likely spend at least one night out at a nice restaurant. Maybe a little dancing will be involved or a moonlit stroll. Ladies, this is the time and place to show your honey how good you look in that cocktail dress. Men, nice slacks and a button-down shirt are essential, and check ahead to see if a tie and jacket is required.


Underwear, socks and bras (strapless, too) don?t take up too much packing space. Bring a few extra pairs just in case you get caught in the rain.


Odds are you?ll be barefoot half the time so you only really need two pairs of shoes. Pack the dressy pair and plan to wear comfortable walking shoes during travel so footwear will hardly eat any space in your suitcase.

Accessories and swimwear

Pack for a resort vacation like you intend to relax. Resort styles are high on elegant luxury and low on frills.

  • 2 swimsuits – select swimwear that is flattering and sporty
  • 1 bathing suit cover-up for lounging by the pool
  • Hat with sun protection
  • Belt 
  • Nice earrings and a colorful, chunky necklace.
  • Sunglasses  

Toiletry tip

Everyone?s list of necessary toiletries varies, and perhaps that?s why this is the department of most forgotten things. Start packing your toiletry travel case a few days in advance so you can gather what you need as things come to mind and continue to use them until departure. 
Useful items

Info: If you have a smartphone, check to see if your resort offers guidebook-style apps and maps of the area. Plug in essential phone numbers and addresses, or write them down on a small note pad. 

Do yourself a favor and bring a day-pack. This can be a light-weight tote that rolls up in your case and is large enough for a bottle of water, snacks, bug spray, hand sanitizer and sunscreen. Bring a paperback or electronic reader for down time.

Because some of the most beautiful resorts are located in areas with questionable water, it?s useful to bring your own ice cubes. Whiskey rocks will keep your drinks cold without diluting them. Just tell your waiter ?No ice? upon ordering. And while we?re discussing frosty beverages, consider bringing and insulated travel mug to maintain drink temperature for significantly longer. Plus you can take them with you wherever you go.

Last but not least: Don?t forget the camera.