Choose from a wealth of options when personalizing your Mini Cooper

Choose from a wealth of options when personalizing your Mini Cooper

If you?re in the market for a MINI Cooper, you?re going to want to know what options you have. This fun, speedy little car is jam packed with design choices, so you can turn it into the car of your dreams. From the interior to the tech to all sorts of packages, your new vehicle will have ?you? painted all over it. 

The Exterior

This is the face you show to the world, and MINI wants to make sure you have exactly what you want in terms of color, functionality, and overall design. Beyond just picking a gorgeous paint job (and the Cooper comes with some great color options), you can choose Mini Cooper accessories from special LED fog lights to heated mirrors to roof racks. 
Want bonnet stripes? You have three options. Looking for a bike rack? Check it off the list. Custom wheels? There are plenty to choose from. They even have options for your mirror caps, from chrome to a full color Union Jack design, so you can wear your British heart on your side mirror, so to speak. 

The Interior

There are several choices when it comes to upholstery, from cloth to leather, in a few different shades. And then you can choose what style seats to have, whether the front ones are heated, and what material you want to cover your steering wheel. From there, peruse the MINI Cooper?s interior surface options (with names like ?fiber alloy? and ?dark cottonwood? in varying colors and textures) and pick out an accent color, which they call the ?color line.? 


Get Techy

The sky?s the limit with tech options for your pretty new MINI. Sure, you can have a built in alarm system, your satellite radio, and top of the line sound system, but let?s think broader. You can also get Real Time Traffic Information to add to your top of the line navigation system so you can find the fastest route right now, even around traffic delays or construction. 

There?s the Parking Assistant to help you get into all those tight downtown parallel parking spaces. There?s also the MINI Head Up display which literally pops up a display of your current speed, navigation, etc. right in your field of vision (without obstructing it) so you never have to take your eyes off the road. 

Or what about the truly cutting edge Active Driving Assistant, which monitors driving conditions and objects around the vehicle to automatically adjust your speed to keep you at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. It can even dim your high beams or brake if you?re getting too close to another object. 

Pick Your Package

If you don?t want to get nit-picky with each individual item, there are plenty of packages to choose from. Some packages are bundled for specific needs, like the Technology Package which includes your parking assistant and navigation system, or the Sport Package with dynamic damper controls and upgraded wheels. 

If you?re really hoping to put together a classic look, the MINI Seven Edition package is for you, boasting ?heritage-inspired style? of the MINI Seven Edition with its bonnet stripes, silver roof and mirror caps, MINI Seven badging, and two-tone wheels. And then, of course, there is the Fully Loaded Package, if you want all the bells and whistles. This one comes with everything, as the name implies, from a dual pane panoramic sunroof to white turn signals to enhanced Bluetooth and a Harman/Kardon sound system, along with a whole slew of technological add-ins and comfort embellishments.   

Whatever options you choose, you are sure to come out with the MINI Cooper you?ve always wanted, as unique and interesting as its owner.