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Pet Lovers Gifts

By Editorial Staff

pet loversContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Furry loved ones bring warmth to chilly nights and smiles to rough days.

They command continuous attention in exchange for unconditional love and affection, and pet lovers are happy to comply. Those wide-eyed familiar faces and little nudges never fail to lift our spirits.

Animals wiggle their way into hearts and families wherever they go. So it makes sense to include them on the list of loves and interests when shopping for the perfect gift.

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10. Personalized Welcome Mat

floor mat

If it’s not already obvious who’s running the show, a personalized front door mat welcoming guests to the dog’s home will clue them in. This is also a playful gift for animal lovers to let people know they’re entering a home of wagging tails and loving licks.

9. Themed Clothing

Themed Clothing

The only thing cozier than an over-sized, soft sweatshirt is an over-sized, soft horse sweatshirt featuring her breed of choice. It’ll be perfect for your loved one to wear to the barn or on rainy days when she can’t go riding.

8. Cat Toys

Cat Toys

After the kitten years, cats learn to entertain themselves with cardboard boxes and whatever it is you’re reading. But just as adults can still enjoy a good roller coaster, most cats still get a kick out of anything shiny and vaguely shaped like a mouse. Giving the owner a few cat toys results in a few hours of entertainment … until kitty tears them to shreds.

7. Animal Crafts

Animal Crafts

Buzzfeed put together a handy list of 40 unique gifts for animal lovers, including a tortoise illustrated pillow, cat face shoes, ornaments and cool broaches. For a friend who prefers handmade, one-of-a-kind items, stop by one of the shops mentioned here for pet crafts made with love.

6. Animal Art

Whether your friend loves dogs, cats or birds, he probably can’t help but have a favorite breed, often remarkably similar to his own furry sweet heart. Surprise him with an original, pet themed illustration or a set of greeting cards featuring the art of fellow pet lovers. Another great idea is to grab a photo of their favorite pet and have a custom canvas created.

5. Dog Beds

 Dog Beds

How many times has your sibling rubbed her sore neck, grumbling about a certain unwanted, furry bed mate? Animals see a sliver of open space on the bed and they pounce. They don’t seem to understand how incredibly uncomfortable it is to wake up beneath their panting poundage. Dog beds offer all the comfort for puppy minus sore necks for the owner.

4. Practical Supplies

Practical Supplies

Sometimes it’s the practical gifts that have the most impact. The truth is that the costs of caring for an animal add up, not to mention the weekly errands to re-stock on basics like litter and food. If you’re looking for gift ideas for cat lovers, look no further than the supply aisle. Since it’s a gift, go big with enough to last a few months.

3. Dog IDs

Dog IDs

Dog identification tags or personalized dog collars put the odds on the owner’s side of finding their furry runner should he ever get lost. Engraved or embroidered tags are far less likely to fall off than tags, and they don’t jingle jangle with every step. Choose a bright color in your friend’s favorite color and they’ll both thank you.

2. Scratching Post

scratching post

Before you go gift shopping for the pet lovers in your life, check out their furniture. Notice loose threads along the bottoms of the couch? Wait till you see the disaster his sweet little kitty’s nails made on the back of the couch. Scratch posts work wonders for satisfying felines and saving furniture.

1. Animal-themed jewelry

dog theme charm

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Pet lovers…and I mean the real devotees…never get tired of having their beloved pets around 24/7. But Fido and Fifi can’t go everywhere, so pet-themed jewelry is a wonderful way to carry a reminder of their pet no matter where life takes them. Choose animal charms for a bracelet, breed specific pendants or bracelets embelished with tiny paw-prints.


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