Picture of food pyramid for food pyramid nutrition

Picture of food pyramid teaches kids all about the food pyramid

Picture of food pyramid teaches kids all about the food pyramid

Food, glorious food, pork sausage and mustard! Oh, how I love food! Even more than those little orphan boys from Oliver. Every time I finish the tiny, miniscule sized portions of food they serve at fancy restaurants I give the waiter my best doe-eyed expression, hold out my plate and say ?Please Sir, I want some more? in my very best British accent. It rarely works, but sometimes I do score an extra basket of bread.

I love to eat, and I love to eat right. Which is why I have this Food Pyramid Poster Set from Nasco Nutrition hanging on the side of my fridge. I can?t get enough fresh fruits and veggies and these guides let me know exactly how many servings of vegetables, whole grains, dairy and protein my body needs every day.

Fill your child?s room or teaching classroom with these cheerfully cute posters that teach children all about the importance of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Six vibrant colored laminated posters cover all the bases from proper exercise to fruits, meat and beans to milk?it does a body good.

Strive for five!

DID YOU KNOW? Celery has negative calories.  It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery has in it to begin with, which means if you only ate celery for the rest of your life, you would eventually disappear.