Places to Find Your Perfect Fit

by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Wearing clothes that don’t fit quite right is uncomfortable, annoying and distracting.

You feel messy wearing them and only look okay. Don’t settle for sloppy fits that have you tugging and adjusting all day. Every item in your wardrobe should make you feel like a million bucks.

Here are the best ways to find your perfect fit.

10. Custom made

Custom made

Well aren’t we fancy, shopping for custom made clothing. Next we’ll consider window treatments for the east wing of the castle while sipping caviar. Or not. Actually, ordering custom made women’s clothing online is comparable to off-the-rack prices only this comes with a huge advantage. The designs you order are made to fit your exact shape and style preferences. Ooh la la.

9. Beware of gaping

Beware of gaping

How many times have you bought the ideal button-down only to wear it work and realize everyone can see your bra through the gap? Too many. Try styles in stretchy fabrics or add a hook-and-eye closure to eliminate the gap.

8. Move into the dressing room

Move into the dressing room

While not the most practical idea, taking up residence in a dressing room is an option as long as you can evade store security. Logical ways to find your perfect fit involve playing the numbers game after all. If you try on every item in the store in every size, at least one garment is bound to be your glass slipper.

7. Make your own

Make your own

Learning how to sew your own garments is incredibly liberating. Once you get a hang of making patterns to fit your measurements, it’s a fun creative outlet. Newbies may want to buy a few patterns to start. Pick out beautiful, soft fabric and buy a few extra yards to play with. Before you start cutting, adjust the pattern to your measurements!

6. Swimwear variety

swimwear fitting

Many gals dread swimwear shopping. There’s such a wide variety of styles it’s hard to find the best one for you, but variety is a good thing. Bodies come in so many shapes and proportions, it’s important to find a style intended for your body. Endurance in the fitting room or finding an online swimwear store with lots of options organized by body type is the only way to finally get the suit that complements and supports you.

5. Measure me

Measure me

A dream dress only looks fantastic if you’re wearing the right size underneath, too. Carefully follow the size charts on your favorite online bra store, and read product reviews from other shoppers. In store, many department and lingerie sales people will measure customers to help them find beautiful bras and lingerie in the right size.

4. Know what to look for

Know what to look for

After spending too much time in the dressing room, it’s easy to lose patience and settle. Remember what you need. With slacks, you should be able to fit two fingers in the waist band. Rotate your arms to check the sleeve length and tightness of tops and blazers. Bend over to make sure you won’t inadvertently flash the world every time you tie shoes.

3. Give snug a chance

Give snug a chance

On average, women try on 15 pairs of jeans before buying one. Jeans are tough because many companies create sizes based on the hip to waist ratios of their fit models. The good news is most women’s jeans today are made with a blend of Lycra or Spandex so the fit will be snug at first, but your body will stretch the material to fit.

2. Thrift stores

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are wonderlands of fashion trends for budget prices. Bring your patience and don’t fall in love until you’ve tried a garment on. Try on a variety of styles in different sizes – you may be an 8 in one brand and a 6 in another. Look for styles in high quality fabrics like wool and silk and what doesn’t fit exactly can be tailored on the cheap.

1. Take it to a tailor

Take it to a tailor

Many women don’t realize how affordable and effective tailors are. This is one of the very best ways to find your perfect fit. Shop on sale or for high quality thrift clothes that are slightly too large and have them tailored. Same deal if you love a certain style like pencil skirts but can’t find one to fit your shape – buy a size up and have it fixed to fit.

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