Contributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

Whether you are talking about your home office, a medical office or a giant warehouse of an office, you need to know the go-to places its time to stock up.

Office managers the world over have all had that one terrible moment when they realized that they needed to find a very specific item and they didn’t know where to turn. It’s better to do your research in advance and be prepared with a full storage room of supplies.


Organization for your home office

business organizers

While most people have heard of this company for purchasing school supplies, this is a great resource for the home office manager because they have plenty of supplies for professionals as well. Paper products and items such as work planners are going to be your best bet when shopping at Mead. There are also a lot of great resources and tips for home office managers on this website.


Computers to get the job done


Great deals on laptops, desktops and small electronics for everyone’s desk, and big items like projectors, time clocks and copier stands will keep your office humming. Your electonrics go-to store can be to keep the bottom line – and the boss – happy.

Medex Supply

What the doctor needs

doctors office

Medex Supply makes the list of places to shop for a business because it carries everything you could need to stock up a medical office. Find the smaller supplies that every medical office needs on a daily basis, at great prices — this is your source for stethoscopes, tongue depressors and more.

New Egg

Tech solutions for offices

New Egg

New Egg is another store that should be top of the list to stock an office. The site deals mostly with high tech solutions, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can also get run of the mill items like office chairs and packs of pens.

Express your business in print

business cards

Businesses, both small and large, need a source for printed materials, which covers everything from business cards to letterhead and advertising banners. can fill this need. This business retailer will walk you through designing and ordering all of the corporate identity you should have to get the word out there.