Planning an engagement can be stressful, crazy and lots of fun

Planning an engagement can be stressful, crazy and lots of fun

So you know that you are with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you are reading to take the big leap.  You want to get married but before you can start planning your wedding, you need to start planning an engagement. 

There are a couple of different ways you can go when it comes to getting engaged and planning an engagement is going to be dependent on what kind of person your significant other is. Most people start with an engagement ring, which is carefully tucked away in a safe pocket for the big moment before the engagement becomes official and the planning begins.

Romantic Settings

Of course most engagements are going to have a romantic setting.  This is a big step in most people’s lives and they want to remember it for as long as they live.  Most of the really memorable settings are also going to be ones that have a romantic undertone.  Planning an engagement doesn’t need to be a huge ordeal as those involved really only have to be boiled down to the two people who are actually going to end up betrothed.

Getting down on one knee in a beautiful setting is one of the most popular ways to pop the question.  Going on a walk with that someone special down a nice path in a pretty section of a wooded area is a nice way to do the deed.  You have surroundings that scream out peace and serenity and you have solitary surroundings to be alone with your loved one.


If you don’t have woods nearby, you can always go with the botanical gardens or something along those lines, though you don’t need to be surrounded by plants and trees and birds and bees.  A nice quiet dinner, either at home or in a nice restaurant is always a nice way to propose.  

Of course, these are also completely predictable ways to pop the question and some soon-to-be spouses might end up seeing these coming a mile away.  Just because your beloved might sniff out the question before it is already popped doesn’t mean that you can’t do it this way.  Assuming the answer is going to be yes the proposal will still be memorable.

The Less Predictable Approach

While the romantic setting is a time honored tradition when planning an engagement, there are plenty of other ways to get ready to get married that are a little less well known.  The proposal at a sporting event used to be something that people did as something new and different, but it has now been done so often that it becoming a bit of a cliche.  

One kind of less than well known way to become betrothed but is gaining traction as a new an innovative way of getting the question out is to do it in high stress activity like sky diving or rapelling down a mountain.  The point of this is that these are setting where most people are not going to be expecting to be getting to be asked for their hand in marriage so there is genuine shock being added to the joy of the moment.  Adrenalin is already pumping and can actually add a totally euphoric feeling to the whole event.  Mostly though, the point is that when they are asked how everything went down, they will have a truly adventurous tale to tell.

Planning for the Unexpected

The bottom line when planning for an event like this is that you can’t know exactly how everything is going to go.  If you go all out and have a ten piece orchestra ready to pop out from behind a corner and start playing the bride’s march, they could be spotted before you can get the question out. 

This doesn’t mean that the event is ruined, it just means it may not go off the way you planned. Don’t be discouraged if your perfect proposal doesn’t go to script.  In the end, the most important part is the answer.