Popular Kids Crafts: plastic canvas designs, recycled jewelry, purse kits

Popular Kids Crafts: plastic canvas designs, recycled jewelry, purse kits

Knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, beading, scrapbooking, decoupage, quilting, and sewing are just a few of the rewarding crafts that adults can enjoy as lifelong hobbies. 

However, children should also be educated about the skills, techniques, and methods of crafting.  Winter can be an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with children, engaging them in fun, educational crafting projects.  

Parents seeking fun, creative, kid-friendly activities will benefit from this list of the latest, greatest and most popular children?s crafting projects, ranging from holiday-themed crafts to stylish, wearable designs, and recycled materials.

Plastic Canvas Designs ? Plastic canvas, also commonly referred to as vinyl weave is a light weight plastic material containing regularly spaced holes. The product, designed to imitate embroidery canvas is ideal for beginning needle pointers. Colorful knitting yarn or acrylic wool should be used in conjunction with plastic canvas designs

The best plastic canvas designs and patterns for beginning youngsters include book marks, holiday ornaments, and magnets.  Older children may have the skill and dexterity to create more complex plastic canvas designs.  The rigidity of plastic canvas enables crafters to create 3-dimensional decorative objects such as tissue box covers, small purses or handbags, Easter baskets, even jewelry or keepsake boxes. 

Recycled Jewelry ? Kids today are well educated about environmental issues such as recycling, re-using and conservation.  You can help to encourage these eco-conscious habits by engaging your children in fun craft projects that involve creating jewelry and wearable designs from recycled items such as plastic products, bottle caps, buttons, even hardware or old computer parts!  Research online resources, or visit your library or bookstore for books and instruction guides on designing green bling.

Purse Kits ? Tweens and teenage girls posses an unequaled adoration of purses.  If your young lady has expressed interest in learning to knit, crochet, embroider or sew, consider purchasing a purse kit, complete with hooks, rings, chains, handles, and all hardware required and instructions required to put the finishing touches on a homemade, personalized purse.  What a terrific mother-daughter craft project, ideal for teaching your beginner crafter and helping them achieve a sense of accomplishment!

Latch Hook Kits ? Latch hooking is a simple, easy to learn crafting activity for children.  Bright, colorful yarns and cheerful patterns can provide endless fun.  Small sized latch hook surfaces are best for beginners and young children.  This activity is perfect for weekends, after school, or even long road trips.

Friendship Bracelets ? Friendship bracelets have been popular among children of all ages for years.  Many websites and instructional books offer guidance on how to make friendship bracelets. Various patterns and designs, even beads and charms can be added to these bracelets, typically woven from colorful lengths of embroidery floss.  Leather, hemp and lanyard are other materials typically used to create friendship bracelets.

Ultimately, children can benefit deeply from learning crafting skills early in life. Crafting helps to build a child?s imagination, hand-eye coordination, dexterity and overall brain development.  The crafting process teaches children the important qualities of patience and commitment.  Completing a craft project will provide children with a sense of pride, accomplishment and self-reliance.