Plus size summer fashions exposed

Enjoy a plus size wardrobe of summer fashions that flatter

Enjoy a plus size wardrobe of summer fashions that flatter

Thanks but no thanks. That?s what legions of plus size ladies are saying about summertime apparel that trusses them up like a bunch of carrots wrapped with rubber bands. Too tight. Too short. Too ugly. No room to breathe. No room to move. These savvy shoppers seek comfort and beauty?not torture.

The combo of comfort and beauty is an elusive one, especially when fashion choices are limited. What?s a woman to do? Some give in to oversized, shapeless sacks. Others seek solace in styles with an overabundance of elastic in the waistbands. It?s time for a revolt. It?s time to investigate some plus size summer fashions that flatter and fit.

Bring on the beautiful

Small pleasures in plus size summer fashions make all the difference. Sun and fun are on the menu. Ice cream and chilly treats are there too. Every full figured woman craves the freedom to enjoy the season. 

She longs to don an attractive pair of slacks without inhaling. She embraces plus size summer fashions she can sit down in without worrying about a button popping or a zipper separating. She?s fed up to here, at the need to wear a long top that might cover up any embarrassing button-zipper meltdown.

How cool it would be to go striding along the beach in a pastel colored tank dress or dress of another style that has just enough give to feel as if it?s floating over the body. Plus size summer fashions make it easy to have an attitude of beauty and confidence. Today?s fashions offer dresses with a touch of shirring to add shapeliness. Many summer dresses have bewitching accents of lace, appliqu? and contrasting colors, frequently placed high on the bodice?closer to a woman?s smile.

Head for the fun zone in style

Planning a summer vacation? Heading for the lake or the mountains? Many plus size summer fashions can be crumpled and crushed and stuffed into a duffel or suitcase with no ill effects. Today, apparel fabrics are amenable to the active lifestyle shared by modern women.

How great it would feel to open a closet door and see a wonderful wardrobe of stylish plus size summer fashions in a rainbow of jewel tones?vivid rubies, luscious emeralds and jade tones. Consider starting today a quest to put together a lavish collection of summertime pants and capris, casual shorts, light and airy skirts and other wonderful wearables?plus size summer fashions ready to go on the road.

Accessorize with the unexpected

If your dress of the day includes a tantalizing top or a light sweater that may seductively slide off a shoulder, think about purchasing some rhinestone-studded bra straps. Studded straps, decorated straps and clear bra straps go a long way toward adding some pizzazz to plus size summer fashions of all kinds.

Top off everything with a summery hat that has a face-flattering brim for an extra measure of bold. See about incorporating bracelets and big earrings to a wardrobe full of gorgeous plus size summer fashions. And put your best foot forward with summery peep-toe pumps, wedgies or flats in rainbow colors. There?s nothing subtle about a beautiful plus size woman. Got it? Flaunt it.

? Experiment with fabric colors and textures
? Hydrate the body with plenty of water
? Carry a little sewing kit for emergencies
? Maintain manicures with polish touch-ups
? Pedicures and lotion make feet look pretty
? Use long, gauzy scarves as stylish shawls

Pride is a powerful aphrodisiac. And self-confidence makes plus size summer fashions look even better on any voluptuous beauty. Be a head-turner by standing tall and proud in plus size summer fashions that honor the femininity of the full figured woman. 

There?s a multitude of styles and fabrics that make cruising through summer a pleasure trip of the highest magnitude. The best of the best offer a super-sized serving of sizzle and sass?with a tad more room where it counts.