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Popular Gemstones

By Editorial Staff

gemstonesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Semiprecious or precious natural stones are gemstones, but you may recognize them as the pretty, polished things that make you drool all over the jewelry case.

Their appeal comes from more than beauty and value. Some women prefer their birthstone while others are mesmerized by rare or lesser known stones.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or some eye candy for yourself, one of these popular gemstones is only a few clicks away from your treasure chest.

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10. Rhinestone

rhinestone earrings

Yeah, we’re putting rhinestones on this list. “Why?” -Because they’re affordable and pretty and every guy and girl has the right to bear bling from time to time. Rhinestone fashion, shoes and accessories show you can glitz things up with the best of them. Now go rock some imitation diamonds.

9. Sapphire


Vibrant blue is the most common color of sapphires. If you’re feeling picky they can be found in any color but red (those are rubies). This is September’s birthstone, but you’ll find it on many non-Virgo wish lists. It often comes in the deepest, purest shade of blue you can find outside of the ocean.

8. Turquoise


You can’t visit the southwestern United States without finding a turquoise jewelry or accessory that you suddenly can’t live without. It’s not your fault. People adorned themselves with turquoise thousands of years ago, and will likely continue to do so for thousands more. It is the exact shade you want the sky to be, and complements every skin tone and eye color, earning you plenty of ooh-la-las.

7. Tourmaline


Is your favorite color always changing? Tourmaline is the ultimate choice for the undecided. You’ll find the full spectrum of colors in these stones, making each one unique to any other in the world. This bewitching stone is thought to accentuate artistic inclinations and other magical tendencies.

6. Ruby


Sometimes you just want to wear something that makes you feel sexy, right? Ruby jewelry is the color of passion, power and heart-wrenching love. These popular gemstones are very rare so keep an eye out for falling houses, and don’t hesitate to sneak them off the wicked witch’s feet. If her sister spots you, don’t run. Skip!

5. Opal


October babies adore their deceptive birthstone. Opal is much more than meets the eye at first. You see it and think, “Oh, this is a sweet color” but then you put it on and the real show begins. When held and tilted under certain light, the colors inside dance. This happens when light is diffracted inside, creating a spectacle of iridescent yellows, blues, reds and greens.

4. Amber


This stone has been back near the top of the pyramid ever since the movie Jurassic Park showed us in great detail what you get when amber and dinosaur DNA mix. The story is fiction, but the allure of amber isn’t. Every piece of amber jewelry is one-of-a-kind because it comes from nature, a fossilized resin from a coniferous tree that no longer grows.

3. Emerald


As the birthstone of stubborn Taurus, it makes sense that emeralds are among rarest popular gemstones. It takes persistence to find them in the first place, and a mummy’s grip to hold onto them in the afterlife. Wear an emerald ring to draw contentment, love, healing and clairvoyance.

2. Pearl


What’s so special about pearls? They’re the only gemstone created from living organisms, which makes them extremely rare. In movies and fashion their timeless look symbolizes refined beauty. In other words, a lady feels classy and glamorous in creamy white pearls whether they’re strung as a necklace or clipped in her hair. Just don’t call her Ma’am.

1. Diamonds


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Diamonds may be the most over-exposed of them all. They’re like the Madonna of precious stones, and like Madge, their popularity makes sense. These hard stones are not only rare and gorgeous, but widely coveted for industrial use. Low supply and high demand means you probably won’t find these beauties on the clearance rack. However, if an engagement is in the forecast you may find a special diamond on your finger sooner than you think.


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