How to prepare for a natural disaster

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Know how to prepare for a natural disaster just in case

Know how to prepare for a natural disaster just in case

Every year a great many people around the world find themselves in peril due to a natural disaster. While natural disasters take different forms in different places there are a few general rules for preparing in case such an event should strike you.

In the event you need to prepare for a natural disaster, here are a few precautions that you should take to make it easier to prepare for any natural disaster or disturbance.

Build or Buy an Emergency Supply Kit

Emergency supply kits are available at a wide variety of locations, but if you want to build your own you can buy all of the objects piecemeal. Most of these kits contain items such as ponchos, flashlights and batteries, cell phone charging packs, and first aid materials.

It is important to keep in mind what sort of natural disaster you might be facing. If you live in a midwestern state, for example, you are more likely to have to deal with a blizzard than a hurricane so it would be better to pack a parka than an inflatable raft and vice versa.


Stock Food

Keep a reasonable supply of ready to eat meals or other forms of non-perishable food in a place that will be accessible in an emergency.

Canned foods are good so long as you have a heat source to cook things which may require it. You can also purchase Meal Ready to Eat kits from from Army-Navy surplus stores. These are full meal kits that last for years and come complete with mixable fortified drinks, instant coffee (in some cases) and water-activated heating packs.

Make a Safe Space for Valuables and Important Documents

Make sure that you have a container for your valuables and important documents that is waterproof, fireproof and portable. You can buy a lockbox or mini safe less than fifty dollars. While you do not necessarily need to store the items in here full time, it is important that you be able to gather and transfer them quickly.

Have a Plan

Planning is perhaps the most important facet of disaster preparedness. Consider which roads are likely to be open and, if possible, request information on evacuation routes from local authorities such as the police and fire department.

It might be a good idea to coordinate with friends or family members who live outside of the potential disaster area so that you know where you will be staying and exactly how to get there. If this is impossible then you should pick an area with a lot of lodging options to which you can escape. This way if one motel is full you have others.

Keep a list of local shelters and other safe spaces with your emergency supply kit in case you are unable to vacate.

While it can be difficult to think about the possibility of being caught in a natural disaster situation, it is better to be prepared than not.

In this guide to how to prepare for a natural disaster we have covered the four most important elements of disaster preparedness. With these basic necessities covered you will be able to weather any storm.