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Prime Cuts of Meat

By Editorial Staff

cuts of meatContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Meat lovers usually enjoy tasting a variety of prime cuts of meat to satisfy their taste buds and foodie curiosity.

Butcher shops and supermarkets will carry several different types of cuts of meats which can be both exhilarating and overwhelming to the meat-loving newbie. People unfamiliar with meat may easily get confused as they wonder which cuts taste the best, cook quickly, are healthier or are best to feed a picky familiar. Still others may wonder how prime cuts of meat differ in terms of texture, ranging from soft, to medium to firm or chewy. If you find yourself unsure of which cut to choose from, try asking your butcher for his opinion or advice on your meat selections.

Better still, check out the following top ten prime cuts of meat suggestions below and start planning a barbeque party today!

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10. Sirloin


The sirloin is the cut of meat that comes from the animals lower ribs and is often deemed one of the best cuts of meat. Try cooking the sirloin a different way each time you serve it such as slow-cooking the meat, grilling or roasting. Do bear in mind however that these cuts are boneless, hence change cooking times according to the thickness of the meat.

9. Rib


Ribs are one of the most versatile prime cuts of meat and include short ribs and rib eye steaks. Rib lovers particularly love the tender, juicy flavor imparted to the meat which is best cooked on the barbeque and allowed enough time for the juices to sit.

8. Round


Among the most familiar prime cuts of meat to you may be the round cut usually from a roast or steak. A round cut of meat comes from the animals behind and, contrary to popular belief, is actually lower in fat. Unfortunately, the lack of fat can make it difficult to cook properly as certain cooking methods, such as grilling, can render it quite tough. Try braising this prime cut of meat instead for a tasty roast to serve to the family or friends.

7. Flank

Flank steak

True meat lovers who love a real-meaty challenge will relish the flank cut of a cow. The flank refers to the meat taken from the belly muscles of the animal and tastes best when marinated and braised.

6. Brisket


If you are looking for a great meat-y meal to serve to a crowd of friends and family, look no further than the prime brisket cut of meat. The brisket of an animal comes from its chest or breast area and can be quite tough, making it an ideal candidate for slow-cooking.

5. Filet Mignon

PFAELZER filet mignon

Ask almost anyone what’s the best of the best when it comes to prime cuts of meat, and you’re sure to hear Filet Mignon at the very top of the list. The exceptionally tender cut is usually reserved for special occasions, but we think your dinner is special enough to earn this mouthwatering steak. Go ahead. Treat yourself. You’ve earned it!

4. Short loin

Short loin

Other names for the short loin prime cut of meat are the tenderloin, porterhouse and T-bone steak. Meat enthusiasts with big appetites and a hankering for a filling meal will enjoy these steaks grilled over a dry heat.

3. Shank


2. Plate


Among the lesser-known prime cuts of meat is the plate cut. The plate is the meat that lies below the animals belly beneath its ribs.

1. Tri Tip

Tri Tip

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Although a part of the animal’s loin, the tri tip is a tasty, small cut of meat that is shaped as a triangle and comes without risk of bones.


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