What products make life easier for seniors?

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Several products are designed to make your golden years easier

Several products are designed to make your golden years easier

As we become people ?of a certain age,? we find some things about, well, life start to get harder. Tasks we performed routinely are suddenly a challenge, and information we used to stash in our memories for ready recollection now seems to get lost somewhere in the depths. Never fear, however. There is a whole world of products designed to come to our aid and make the senior years much more enjoyable.

Mobility and Safety

When you think of the word ?mobility? your mind most likely jumps to walkers and wheelchairs, but those aren?t the only household aids that help us get around. Your mobility issues may also, or primarily, be in standing up from a sitting position, or reaching something you?ve dropped without falling down. There are a few things on the market that might help in just these areas.

If you (or your loved one) have difficulty standing from a sitting position, try putting a swivel seat and some well-placed safety bars in your shower. These seats are designed especially for this purpose, so they won?t rust from the constant wetness, and will allow you to sit while you soap up and move around to reach items you need. The safety bars are there to grasp and pull yourself up again, or to grab quickly in case you start to slip. 

A bath step ? a small, sturdy step-stool with a non-slip base and surface ? is also a practical addition, to help get your legs over the side of the tub when you get in (if you don?t have a walk-in shower). The toilet, too, will require some safety additions with a good surround support to pull yourself up with.

There are also swivel seats you can purchase for your vehicle. This enables you to swing your legs out so you can get out, in case your back or hips are working against you in this area.


If you have a favorite recliner, but find it hard to reach the thing to get it reclined these days, there are lever extenders you can add so you can more easily grasp, push, and pull the reclining lever.

For grabbing things in high places or on the ground without straining to bend over, buy yourself a reach extender. These go by various names, but are all essentially a long rod with a ?claw? or tong-like grasping mechanism at the end. The claw has rubber grips and some even have magnets. Just make sure, if you get the magnetic kind, you don?t use it to pick up your cell phone or other electronic devices, as the magnets can damage your device.

Keeping Your Wits about You

There are many little reminder-aids you can buy to help keep you on track. A daily pill sorter is one that often comes to mind, which you load at the beginning of the week for each day, morning and night, so you never have to remember what you have to take that day, or if you?ve already taken it. This can help not only with your memory, but also with your health. There are many medications you do not want to accidentally double up on, or miss a dose.

To keep track of passwords in this modern day, when it seems like everything needs a password, get a password journal and list each site with your login information as you go. It might be tempting to just use the same password for everything, but this puts you at risk of your sensitive information being stolen and possibly used by identity thiefs. Better to safeguard yourself by writing it down in one reliable place you can turn to any time you forget (if you can ever remember them all in the first place).

Much of what contributes to memory and cognitive function loss is failing sight and hearing. Keep your world easy to see by putting accent lights in critical areas, buying a large button phone, and investing in some large text books. Beyond your prescribed hearing aid, consider purchasing wireless headphones for watching TV at home, and installing a sufficiently loud doorbell so you can hear when company calls. 

Continue to engage with your world and keep your mind sharp by doing large type crossword puzzles and Sudoku, reading new books in your favorite genres, and carry a magnifying glass (and, of course, your reading glasses) with you at all times so you can read smaller text when you aren?t in the comfort of your own home.