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Quick and Easy Needlework Projects

By Editorial Staff

Needlework projects come in all types and difficulty levels.

Remember, your sewing machine is always your BFF.

Here are ten quick and easy sewing projects for yourself, your kids, and your home.

10. Kids’ Belts

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Kids’ Belts

All you need to make a kids’ belt are a pair of plastic D ring buckles and a strip of fabric three inches wide and six inches longer than your child’s waist measurement. Iron a shorter, narrower strip of fusible backing to the underside. Fold the strip in half lengthwise, right sides in, sew the long ends together, turn the belt right side out, iron flat, and hem one end. Pass the other end through the D rings and make a second hem. That’s it! Your child has a new belt to cinch as desired.

9. Microsuede Headband

Microsuede Headband

Making a microsuede headband is as simple as cutting the fabric to your desired width and length and wrapping it around your head to find where to place a decorative button on one end. Sew the button in place, rewrap the band around your head and press the other end against the button to find where to gently cut a small buttonhole slit with sharp X-acto knife. This project is so easy you may wish to make a number of headbands in a variety of colors and widths.

8. Lip Balm Key Chain Holder

Lip Balm Key Chain Holder

Keep your lip balm right where you need it with this ingenious key chain holder. Cut a sturdy fabric scrap 9 inches long and 3-1/2 inches wide. Fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together, seam the long side, turn the fabric right side out, and iron flat. Make a double fold hem on both ends. Fold up one end until the folded part is the proper length to hold a lip balm stick. Sew up both sides of this pocket and thread your key ring through the top hem of the non-pocket part. Add as many keys as you wish.

7. Cute Crib Shoes

crib shoes

These quick and easy baby booties are a fun sewing project to keep your hands busy while watching TV or relaxing on the patio. You can find the pattern and lots of colorful stretch fabrics online. Go ahead and let the selection of knits inspire you – make a pair of crib shoes for every little one you know – they make great baby shower gifts. Lightweight crib shoes are super simple to send by mail too: perfect for all those grandbabies that live far away. You can make a pair to go with every outfit!

6. Placemat Purse

Placemat Purse

Start with a cloth placemat of whatever size, color, and/or pattern you prefer. If you want your purse lined, iron a slightly smaller piece of fusible lining material to the placemat’s back. Fold the placemat in half crosswise, right sides together, and pin the ends of a piece of decorative cord shoulder strap near the outside top edges of the two sides. Sew them in place and then sew up the two open sides. Flip the purse right side out and push out the bottom corners. Press to smooth down the seams. Leave the top open or add velcro strips or snaps for closures.

5. Napkin Pillows

Napkin Pillows

This simple project requires only a 20-inch square cloth napkin, a 14-inch square pillow form, a button, and a scrap of cord for a button hole loop. Lay the napkin face down and center the pillow form on it so the napkin’s four corners are at the midpoints of the pillow’s four sides. Fold two opposite napkin points snugly over the pillow so they overlap in the middle. Pin to hold. Fold the “bottom” napkin point up so it overlaps the other two points and hand stitch all three pieces together about two inches down from the top of the upward-facing flap. Sew on a button near the top of it. Fold down the top napkin point and sew a scrap of cord on its underside to make a buttonhole loop that will fit snugly around the button when closed.

4. Hangar Sachets

Hangar Sachets

It’s easy to make sachet pouches to hang on your hangars. Start with a piece of cotton gauze knit fabric 14 inches wide and 20 inches long. Hem all four edges and press flat. Fold fabric lengthwise, right sides in, and sew up the sides. Turn right side out and poke out the corners with a bone folder. Cut six 10-inch lengths of linen tape for the ties. Fold one end of each tie under and press flat. Sew the folded ends of two ties to the inside corners of the pouch and one to the top middle of the pouch’s back. Sew the remaining three ties to the pouch front about three inches from the bottom, spacing them to match the first three ties. Put a scented sachet or a small cedar block inside, fold the pouch over the bar of a wood hangar, and tie in place.

3. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve

You need only about half a yard of felt and four small velcro pieces to make this nifty sleeve for your laptop. Lay your laptop on the felt and cut a felt piece that’s about 3/4 inches wider on each side. If you want a double layer sleeve, cut a second piece this size. Then cut two felt pieces that are the same width, but about six inches longer; this is the back and flap. Sew the top edges of the smaller pieces together. Pin the smaller pieces to the larger pieces, matching the bottoms, and sew around all four edges, making rounded corners if you prefer. Trim the excess felt for a clean finish. Place two velcro pieces at the top inside edges of the flap and the other two pieces on the outside of the sleeve where you want the flap to close.

2. Bath Sheet Shower Curtain

Bath Sheet Shower Curtain

Buy two matching or coordinating 35 by 70 inch bath sheets and sew them together along one long side. Buy a similarly-sized liner with attached grommet strip. Match the top of the curtain with the top of the liner and punch holes in the curtain with a grommet tool to match the liner’s holes. Hang your finished shower curtain from a curtain rod or pole with shower hooks.

1. Terrycloth Caddy

Terrycloth Caddy

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Now that you’ve got a beautiful new shower curtain, why not make a coordinating door caddy? All it takes is a hand towel, three washcloths, a dowel, and some ribbon. Fold down the top of the towel about 1-1/2 inches, pin, and sew to create the channel for the dowel. Fold each washcloth in half, position them on the towel to form three pocket rows, pin, and sew the side edges to the towel. Make an additional vertical row of stitching up the middle of the washcloths so you wind up with three rows of two pockets each. Insert the dowel at the top, tie with a ribbon loop, and hang from a wall or door with a wall hook.

by Info Guru Kitty Price


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