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Quotes from Dad and Mom

By Editorial Staff

quotes from mom and dadby Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Moms and dads are famous for their quotes which are usually certain phrases, words and one-liners that they expound to their children.

Kids are all-too familiar with these quotes and, in fact, may roll their eyes at mom and dad when they hear another quote coming out of their mouths. Most parents have quotes about life, learning, love and responsibilities; things that kids feel they too young to deal with as they are more concerned with simply having fun! Yet, many children do listen to their parents words and take them with as they grow up. When kids become parents they may find themselves resorting to their parents’ sayings, which leads them to say another famous quote – “I’m turning into my Mom!” No matter your age, you have probably or will probably hear some of the following top ten dad and mom quotes listed below.

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10. Ask mom

Ask mom

“Don’t ask me, ask your mother.” This quote is obviously used most often by dad when he doesn’t want to deal with a problem he’s not sure how best to deal with!

9. Because …


One of the all-time favorite dad and mom quotes: “Because I said so, that’s why.” This quote will serve parents all over the world exceptionally well as it allows them to have an answer to everything kids ask and complain about.

8. Breaking legs

Breaking legs

When kids start engaging in more risky activities such as climbing trees, rocks or jumping off of cliffs, parents will educate and inform them of the potential risks. Alternatively, they may just say to stubborn kids, “If you break a leg, don’t come running to me!”

7. Birdy


“A little birdy told me so.” Cue the kiddy eye-roll. Moms and dads will use this quote when kids ask them how they know about something or how they found out. Instead of revealing the real source, parents will blame it on the bird that flies freely and has access to all information everywhere.

6. Dress again

Dress again

“Are you going out dressed like that?” Kids will think twice about the clothing they’re wearing when mom and dad asks them just what they are wearing and why. Parents particularly will have great disdain towards clothing that is too revealing for their little girl or too sloppy for their little boy.

5. Home sweet home

Home sweet home

“As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do as I say.” This quote is most often heard by much older kids, teenagers and young adults who are eager to assert their own independence but still living under their parent’s roof. Moms and dads will give this quote to young adults who want to stay out late, party or sleep late instead of going out and finding a job.

4. Beware


“Don’t EVER let me catch you doing that again!” This quote might instill fear in many kids depending on how upset mom and dad are over whatever happened – and hopefully won’t happen again. Parents may use this phrase if kids say a swear word, hit their little brother or sister or do something inappropriate at home, school or grandma’s house.

3. Clean up

Clean up

Kids will learn to dread the mom and dad quote “Did you clean your room?” In most cases, kids have not cleaned their rooms and tidying up is the last thing they want to be doing. Parents will usually ask this question when kids want something such as to go out to a movie, to the park or money for treats.

2. No


“Don’t ask me why. The answer is no.” Mom and dad will use this quote as a last-minute resort to answering a question that they otherwise aren’t sure how to answer! By telling kids that the answer is no, no questions asked, it implies that there is no room for further questioning or negotiation.

1. Money talks

Money talks

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“Do you think I’m made out of money?” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees” are two commonly used mom and dad quotes. Parents will usually say these quotes when kids are asking them for money frequently for toys, clothes, movies or to go out with friends. Although funny, the quotes do have meaning since it’s important for kids to learn the value of money – and that mom and dad are not ATM machines.


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