It’s never too early to update your wardrobe from cozy winter looks to bright spring outfits. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself reaching for floral dresses and skinny jeans. So it is better to start preparing as soon as possible. 

Following are a few trendy and classic spring essentials that you need in your wardrobe. 

Floral Dress

Trends come and go, but one thing that will always remain a classic spring wardrobe is a simple floral dress. In fact, floral dresses are a great way to break out the spring spirit, even when it is still kind of chilly outside – all you need is a good jacket to go with it. Be it a flared, A-line, wrap, shift, bodycon, or slip dress, you can never go wrong with floral prints. 

Maxi dresses look gorgeous by themselves or can be paired with sandals, boots, or worn over turtlenecks. Taking cues from the 2020 runway, it is safe to assume that bright highlighter hues will be all the rage this spring. Simultaneously, throwing on a jeans jacket over it will help you create a shabby chic look. 

Skinny Jeans

The reason skinny jeans are so popular is that they look great with almost any kind of top. Whether it a form-fitting blouse or a flowing top, it can be paired with skinny jeans. Any other style of jeans that can do that? You can pair cropped skinny jeans with sneakers for a more sporty look, or wear sandals for a relaxed evening. 

A Woman Wearing Denim Jacket over an Orange T-Shirt

Denim Jackets

Another piece of wardrobe that would never cease to be cool is a plain old denim jacket. It is a simple yet versatile clothing item that comes in all styles and washes. Denim or jeans jackets are a fun way to give your girly dresses a little bit of an edge. You can give your jeans jacket an extra flair by sewing on funky patches on the front, back, and even the sleeves; just remember not to go overboard, as that can look tacky. 

Shrug it over navy or dark-colored jeans, long skirts, or floral dresses. However, you can achieve the best look with a denim jacket by pairing it with a simple white tee and plain black trousers or jeans. 

Graphic Tees

The simplest yet most effective look for the spring can be achieved with a simple t-shirt paired with jeans or a skirt. Or it can be worn under a spaghetti strap dress or camisole – à la Cher from Clueless. Besides dresses, you can wear colorful tees under strapless rompers and jumpsuits to create a color block look. 

You can also tuck your baggy tees into high-waist pants or skirt to achieve a more put-together look. Basically, a simple piece of a graphic t-shirt can be worn in a hundred different ways if you’re creative enough, and it is one thing that you totally need in your closet this spring.

Black Fashion Sneakers with Nike logo

Fashion Sneakers

It’s finally spring, so it’s time you can ditch those heavy boots and opt for something lighter on your feet. Sneakers are simple and versatile and can be worn with anything you want, from jeans to a maxi dress. 

Although classic, single-colored sneakers will never go out of style, some color blocking or a little bedazzled detail is what the current trends call for. So don’t shy away from adding some character to your sneakers and making them more stylish. Depending on your needs, you can either invest in sneakers that are more sustainable but do not compromise on style. 

Crossbody Bags

This is the season of music festivals and backyard barbeques, and you want the perfect bag that can be used for all of these events. Crossbody bags provide you with a compact bundle that keeps all your life essentials safe while freeing your hands to hoot for the band. They basically scream ‘casual minimalist’, and look cool with just about any spring outfit. So throw one on to complete your spring look. 

A brown crossbody bag over a white outfit looks particularly great and makes both the colors pop out. You can also opt for hobo crossbody, straw crossbody, or bucket crossbody bag for variety. 

Blue Earrings Placed on Blue Wooden Surface

Statement Earrings

To finish off your look, you’ll need some accessories. From crystals to feathers, bold earrings are making a statement this season. The great thing about bold earrings is that they look amazing on their own and do not require you to pair them with necklaces or bracelets, making them an almost effortless way to add some extra detail to your outfit. 

And they’re super-cost effective, meaning you can easily add a couple of pairs to your collection without breaking the bank. You can allso buy one or two versatile earrings that will go with most outfits.

While refreshing your wardrobe for spring, try filling the gaps instead of going all out. This means that you should first take a look at your current wardrobes to find what you need and what you already have. 

Chances are that you may already have a few of the above items in good condition that you can use next summer. So don’t unnecessarily spend on things you don’t need. Instead, buy the things you don’t have. 

With the above essential clothing and accessories in your wardrobe, you can easily make fashion statements this spring.