Fashion rules when wearing leggings with all your wardrobe separates

Fashion rules when wearing leggings with all your wardrobe separates

We all want to look our best all of the time, but will and energy don?t always equal such intentions. Some days, we just want to be comfortable and look good. Structure be gone, it?s time to slip into super soft leggings. 

But wait! There are rules when wearing leggings. These rules exist to protect you. Without them, the streets would be fashion chaos. Without them, you may inadvertently show the world, or your colleagues, too much of your business.

Booty boosting leggings work wonders for your shape, but they are not pants. They have more heft and opacity than tights, but they are not pants. View them as a warmer alternative to tights, not a pants replacement. 

These five styling tips are here to help

1.What to avoid

Make sure your butt is covered by the top. Aside from maybe running or working out at the gym, under no circumstance is it okay to wear them with a fitted tee, short tank top, cropped sweatshirt or any other shirt that doesn?t cover your behind. Panty lines and then some will be seen by all. 

They?re not tights either. When it?s cold, invest in thicker, warmer tights. Do not try and pull off leggings beneath a dress because it doesn?t work.


2. Long tops

The most flattering way to wear them is with a long top. A long sweater or a long button-down shirt, paired with ankle or below-the-knee boots makes for a classy and comfy outfit. While not appropriate for an office, this look is perfect for casual occasions. 

If you prefer to wear them this way, choose the thickest, most supportive pairs for both coverage and support. These rules when wearing leggings apply to everyone. Some types double as booty-boosting, tummy-trimming, leg-slimming shapewear. Your firm figure will be appreciated in a subtle ensemble. There’s no need to point it out.

3. Try leather or suede

If you?re curious to try faux leather or suede pants, but not exactly eager to pay the high price, this style is a good way to test drive the look. Choose a pair that resembles slim pants (but still remember to cover your buttocks) and wear them beneath a long, chunky sweater or tunic. 

This is one of the hottest ways to wear leggings. The textural contrast is eye-catching and sophisticated. Pair with boots or booties in the same color. Dark solids are best as wild prints and loud colors cross the line of costume-y.

4. With a blazer

Fall and spring are ideal for transitional pieces like sleek, fitted blazers. The catch is you can?t take the blazer off if the inner layer doesn?t cover your butt. Whether you?re outside or indoors, it stays on. The blazer is not just a jacket; it?s also a crucial part of the ensemble.

Choose longer blazers that fall below the widest part of your thighs. Pair with a watch or metal bracelet. Ideally, the inner layer will fall to about the same length or slightly shorter.

5. Time and place

Form-fitting leggings are fine for running errands or hanging out with friends. It bears repeating that they?re not enough for professional or formal occasions or when you want to make a solid first impression.

Beware of sheer, cheap material. They may look solid and opaque when folded in a drawer, but if you see a hue of flesh once you put them on, these are only to be worn as tights, even if the package says ?leggings?. 

Rules when wearing leggings prove how slippery the slope can be. Take a close look in a full length mirror before leaving the house. If you have to ask if an outfit works, it probably doesn?t. Pulling off this style is all about layering and knowing when and where it belongs.