Baby's first portrait outfit will be a lifelong keepsake

Baby’s first portrait outfit will be a lifelong keepsake

Whether parents are first-timers or experienced, there are typically at least a few details that mom and dad are unsure about. While it may not be the most important thing on their minds, selecting the perfect outfit for baby’s first portrait is an important consideration when planning your infant’s first photo.

Since your newborn is absolutely adorable, it is important to choose baby clothing or dresses that compliment the child, flatter her coloring and make her as photogenic as possible. It is also important that clothing keeps baby comfortable to avoid crabby faces and irritability. In addition, the season, time of day and environment in which the portrait is taken plays a role in choosing your baby’s portrait outfit.

If your baby’s picture is taken at the hospital, selecting the perfect outfit for baby’s first portrait may not give you many options. Since your baby will only be a day or two old, comfort takes a precedence over style. Newborns are typically most comfortable in sleeper outfits, which are soft and warm. However, it is still possible to add a bit of style to the picture. Girls can wear barrettes or headbands, while boys may be able to use toys or stuffed animals as a prop.

After baby is home from the hospital, and you can schedule your own portrait session, selecting the perfect outfit for baby’s first portrait is a bit more fun, as you have more options. There are many ideas in designer baby clothes, boutique clothing and newborn apparel to accentuate the cute factor of your newborn. Newborn girls look adorable in tutus and soft or lacy gowns. Boys look handsome and dapper in suits designed especially for little guys. In addition, there is always the “au natural” option of simply a diaper and a baby, although placing a frilly bloomer over the diaper is always a charming accent.  


If your baby’s first portrait occurs around a holiday, consider dressing her in an outfit appropriate to the season. For instance, a dress or suit with red or green accents is a cute choice for Christmas, while dressing your baby in a costume is an adorable option for the Halloween season. In addition, pastel-colored clothes and bunny-soft apparel pair well with the Easter holidays, and of course, green clothing is an appropriate selection for St. Patrick’s Day.

Your baby’s first portrait doesn’t have to feature formal clothes, in fact, many parents are opting for a picture that features hip baby clothes. Give your baby’s first portrait an edge with clothes that literally make a statement with message t-shirts or onesies. 

If possible, speak with the photographer or examine the portrait studio before having your baby’s first picture taken. Knowing the colors of the set, including the background, flooring and props, can help you decide what color clothing to go with. If this is not possible, consider choosing a few different outfits and bring them along with you. Be prepared for any accidents, along with drool or spit up, which can easily damage your baby’s outfit.

Your baby’s first portrait is one of the first keepsakes you will have of this magical time in your life. This picture will likely spend a great deal of time in a frame in your home or scrapbook. Make the moment as special as possible by choosing an outfit that is memorable, adorable and complimentary to your baby.