Shopping for Afro-centric school supplies can get the academic year started on a

Shopping for Afro-centric school supplies can get the academic year started on a

Studies have shown that children of all ages benefit from seeing themselves represented in the products they use and media they consume. All too often, however, children of color?especially African American children?are absent from the imagery presented to them. 

This absence from cultural imagery can lead children to think there is something wrong with the color of their skin or the way they look. It makes them crave things that better represent them. With school being a major point of socialization for children, it is crucial to their development of self and confidence to be seen and represented in the tools they use. 

Even something as seemingly minute as afro-centric school supplies can raise a black child?s confidence in themselves, and reflect in their academic performance. Below are some ideas for shopping for Afrocentric school supplies.


Black children deserve as much support and confidence as any other child in class. When I was in grade school, our backpacks and bookbags were canvases for creativity. We would stitch patches, draw art, and write quotes onto our bags to make us feel comforted away from home. 


Today, you can get your student backpacks and totes designed by black people for black children. There are bags that praise curly and coarse hair, celebrate dark skin, and remind children of the beauty of their culture. Arm your kid for scholastic success with adorable bags that remind them to keep their faith and their heads up! 

Stationary and Reading

Pencils and paper are probably two of the most utilized school supplies in the world. Your student will be taking notes in class and will need a place to draw or doodle during downtime. Why not give them stationary that reminds them that they are beautiful, brave, and blessed? Show your child you care while supporting black-owned business with artistic stationary sets decorated with black angels, bright colors, and faith-based quotes. 

With all the reading students must complete for their classes, it would be a good idea to gift a bookmark when it?s time to take a break. These Afro-centric bookmark sets have pictures of brown angels and illustrations that feature black people of all skin colors and styles. There are also bookmark sets featuring quotes from famous African Americans throughout history including Martin Luther King, Jr. and former President Barack Obama. Encourage your student to shoot for the stars and to keep reading with some of these special gifts this school year.

Planners and Calendars 
School can get chaotic sometimes and it can be hard to keep track of due dates and deadlines. Help your child get organized with black themed calendars and planners. Pocket calenders and planners are easy ways to help your student manage their time and projects. Picking out ones with Afrocentric designs and faith-based inspirational quotes will make keeping track of projects breeze! Full-size calendars depicting images of praise, famous black leaders, and Afrocentric art could also be good gifts for your student?s room to help manage time for projects coming in the months ahead. 

Diversity is a powerful tool that?s utilized to bring different perspectives, lived experiences, and cultural imagery together to better reflect our global community. In recent years, there has been a push for more inclusion in the way children?s toys, children?s media, and even school supplies represent kids. This demand now makes it a little bit easier to get your student school supplies crafted with Afrocentric themes in mind.