Here are some tips for getting an effective and longer lasting spray tan

Here are some tips for getting an effective and longer lasting spray tan

Self-tanning products are much cleaner, easier to use and longer lasting than they used to be. Cosmetic skin darkeners are nothing new and have been available for many years. It has only been in recent years however, that these products have become user-friendly. Whether you choose to use a self-tanner spray tan or a spray tanning bed, the following spray tan tips can insure that your self-applied tan is even and lasts a long time.

Everybody?s skin develops its own unique color. Some people go very brown, while others just tend to glow. For those people who undergo even just a few sessions, the skin often becomes accustomed to the solution, and develops more color. Before reading on about spray tan tips, it is important to understand that there are several factors that could effect a tan; namely, the skill of the technician if the tan was created with a hand-held gun, the quality of the tanning solution products and accessories and the condition of your skin at the time you began the process.


Here are some helpful spray tan tips

1- Exfoliate

Dead skin cells must be removed in order to achieve the best self-tanning results. The night before you plan to self-tan, take a bath and use a good exfoliant with loofah sponge.

2- Moisturize

Your skin is certain to accept the self tanner of your choice if you apply a good water water-based moisturizer a few hours before you begin the process.

3- Wear loose-fitting clothing

You need to be comfortable when applying your self-tan and you should choose your clothes carefully. Avoid wearing white to prevent stains from the bronzer, which is in most spray tan solutions.

4- Read and follow instructions

Usually, self-tanning booths have a handout, which you should read carefully before setting foot inside the booth.

5- Apply cream to your hands and feet

Your hands and feet are often drier than other body parts and as such, may darken faster. Go lightly on your feet if you are spraying yourself. Many places offer paper booties to protect your feet. Use them if they are available; if not, apply a light coating of cream to your hands and feet to filter the solution.

6 –Leave tanning solution on your body for at least five hours

If you spray tanned with a clear solution that does not contain a bronzer, go to bed without showering, and hopefully, you will wake up the next morning as brown as desired. If you spray tanned with a solution that contained a bronzer, a shower is in order before retiring or you might very well stain your sheets.

7- Expiration dates

Watch those ?use by? dates on the label of any tanning solution product you may use. If it is past the date indicated, it will no longer be effective and will most likely not give you the results you seek.

Skin is a living thing that is affected by many things. The time of the month, the season, the food you eat, your stress level and the medications you may take can all influence your skin?s appearance. Learn the facts about indoor tanning and follow the spray tan tips above.

Proceed with caution as the skin you save by following these spray tan tips may well be your own.