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Status Accessories

By Editorial Staff

status accessoriesContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

When you have finally made it in this world, it is just human nature to want other people to know what your status is in your community.

There are a couple of different ways that you can show off that you are indeed important, or wealthy or just that you aspire to be. There are accessories that you should have that will give off this vibe, so that you don’t have to simply come out and tell people. Because we want you to quickly and easily give off that vibe, we’ve done some research for you and come up with a list of the top ten status accessories out there.

10. Fancy Watch

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Fancy Watch

If you want people to think that you are indeed … “somebody” then you need to have a nice watch adorning your wrist. This can’t just be a Swatch watch but rather should look like it cost a pretty penny in order to acquire it.

9. A Hat

A Hat

While hipsters have sort of taken over the wearing of the Fedora, you can still slap one of these on with the right overcoat and show off your knowledge of style while also showing the public at large that you have a pretty good status out there.

8. String of Pearls

String of Pearls

This particular accessory is clearly geared more towards women than it is men. Women who have a great deal of status are always going to be adorning themselves with a variety of different sets of pearl jewelry. The more pure the pearls, the more status she has.

7. Rings

diamong rings

This particular accessory is one that can mean status for both men and women. For women, the amount of rings they wear can be one way to make a statement. How pure the setting and the diamonds, as well as how many jewels are included is another. For men, the ring needs to be less gaudy and signet rings are still a pretty good way to tell others that you have a certain amount of status to your name.

6. Cane/Walking Stick

Cane/Walking Stick

There came a time when someone who was important couldn’t go outside the house without their special and fancy cane or walking stick. This wasn’t because they couldn’t walk without it, but because it was simply a symbol of their importance. That is still the case in some circles and the right people can pull off a silver-handled cane just right.

5. Suspenders


This is obviously another symbol of status that really only applies to men, but the guy who makes this look natural is one who certainly is able to carry himself well. You need to have the right kind of suspenders and you need to wear them at the right time for this to work. Bib overall suspenders need not apply.

4. High End Eyeglasses

High End Eyeglasses

This is another one of those accessories that has to be done just right in order to pull off the look and feel you are going for, but using the right brand of glasses will tell everyone else that you are someone that is rather important.

3. Cufflinks


Anyone who is anyone is sporting a pair of cufflinks when they hit the town. When you pair these up with the right outfit, that includes suspenders you are broadcasting to everyone around you that you have a certain gravitas about you.

2. Money Clip

money clip

If you are someone who has the status of the upper crust than one of the biggest must have accessories is that of a money clip. Everyone carries a wallet or a purse. Not everyone carries a money clip. You will catch quite a few eyes if you pull one of these out of your pocket.

1. A Car

A Car

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Some people might not consider a car an accessory, but when you are attempting to give off the vibe that you are someone with status, there is no more important an accessory. Don’t get yourself a Mazerati, that’s simply too garish. Go with a nice luxury sedan like a Jaguar and you’ll be telling everyone you’ve “made it.”


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