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Steps to Organize Everything

By Editorial Staff

steps to organizeby Info Guru Terri Wallace

No matter how good your intentions are, it seems that all of your “stuff” can take over your home.

Before you know it, every nook and cranny is filled to capacity. These creative ideas will help you take control of your clutter and organize everything.

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10. Donate


The first step to taking control of your “stuff” is to try to cut down on unnecessary items. Take some time to sort through the clutter and make a “donate” pile. There is a lot of truth to that whole “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” thing. Besides getting rid of unnecessary items, and any potential karmic benefits to “paying it forward,” you might even end up with a nice tax deduction. Win!

9. A Place for Everything …

A Place for Everything…

… and everything in its place. (Or at least that is what mom always said.) Turns out, mom was right. It is easier to stay organized if you designate (and label!) a specific place to store items and train yourself to put things away properly the first time. Instead of taking the mail from the mailbox to the kitchen counter and letting it sit there until it resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it is easier to promptly discard junk mail in the recycling bin and sort the remaining mail items according to the action needed to resolve them.

8. Out the Door

Out the Door

As harried moms can attest, one of the hardest things to do is to get everyone out the door on time. One easy way to get organized is to create a designated spot for your purse, keys, jacket, umbrella, and the other “out the door” items. A simple shelf can create cubby space for everyone to stash their necessities.

7. Car Care Center

Car Care Center

Car care requires a bit of organization to stay on schedule; creating a car care center in the garage can help make it a bit easier to check your oil and other fluids between mechanic visits. Stow away oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid and other items in a common space to make it easier to keep things handy. A roll of paper towels and a box of rubber gloves make car care a little less messy.

6. Stick It!

Stick It!

Keeping things handy can help you return items to their proper place, and magnetic strips can help them stay put! From metal tools to kitchen knives to craft supplies, if it is metal you can keep it neat, organized, and within easy reach.

5. “Spare” Storage

"Spare" Storage

Creating some “spare” storage space also cuts down on visible clutter. One simple solution is to mount spare tire holders to hold toys or sports gear in a garage or closet. These durable holders are easy to mount and can contain all the odds and ends of childhood without letting the chaos take over!

4. Note Center

Note Center

Keep your phone messages, and To-Do List organized with a handy “note center.” Stock your note center with plenty of pens, pencils, notepads, and a calculator to jots reminders, grocery lists, and other important information.

3. Color Coordinate

Color Coordinate

Some items are easily organized by color, such as clothing, shoes, and accessories. By pairing like colored items, it is easier to mix and match your wardrobe. However, coordinating colors can also help in the kitchen. For those on restricted diets (for example, due to diabetes or food allergies), red colored storage containers can signify that a food is “off-limits,” and green colored storage containers can indicate that a food is “safe.”

2. No Wasted Space

No Wasted Space

Your garage can easily store more than just cars. Consider a garage storage system to make use of unused overhead space to store seasonal decorations and sports gear.

1. Tidy Up the Cleaning Gear

Tidy Up the Cleaning Gear

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Even cleaning gear can get messy. Spruce up the broom closet with a handy broom and mop holder and keep your gear from getting in the way. Remember, if you can’t find your cleaning supplies, you can’t actually use them—and it is hard to keep things organized if you can’t keep them clean.


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