by Info Guru Samantha Rose

Flower gardeners love catalogs and online stores as much as readers love books.

Ordering seeds, bulbs, and plants online is the best way to expand your flower plant choices. Specialty flower seed catalogs offer varieties and genres that the dedicated flower gardener might not have within shopping distance.

10. John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs

john scheepers beauty from bulbs catalog

Spring bulbs, summer bulbs, Dutch bulbs, heirloom bulbs… John Scheepers has hundreds of bulbs for your flower garden. In addition to gardener’s favorites like tulips, hyacinth, allium, crocus, and narcissi, you will find a selection of exotic, gloriously colorful, and high-performing flower bulbs.

9. Charley’s Greenhouse and Garden

charleys greenhouse and garden catalog

Force your bulbs and challenge the growing zone for your region with a functional and beautiful greenhouse. You will love the season-expanding benefits of greenhouse gardening. Charley’s Greenhouse and Garden catalog offers simple greenhouses for hobbyists, as well as kits for elaborate estate greenhouses. They also carry heaters, potting benches, grow lighting, and propagation tools that every gardening fanatic will love.

8. Wayside Gardens

Wayside Gardens

Flower gardeners plan their gardenscape with a thoughtful combination of perennials, annuals, bulbs, and flowering bushes. Wayside Gardens is a huge online nursery, with the right flower plants for your shade or sun garden areas, and lots of container gardening plants. We love the flowering vines in vivid colors for a flower garden accent that really catches the attention of admiring neighbors.

7. Whatever Works

Whatever Works catalog

You will find hanging flower baskets, gardening accessories, garden decor, and multi-use crocks and containers at Whatever Works. They also have raised planter beds to add dimension to your flower garden, and make plants more accessible. If you love circling the base of your garden trees with flowers, check out the handy tree-ring planter, which makes planting flower seedlings super simple.

6. Jackson & Perkins

jackson and perkins catalog

Roses, roses, roses! Jackson & Perkins has the world’s finest roses, with exclusive varieties and the newest variations for rose lovers. This is a great online store for flower gardeners, offering a huge selection of pro gardening tools, gardening aprons, watering accessories, and garden accents to add the finishing touch the your rose garden.

5. Park Seed

park seed catalog

Park Seed has top quality seeds for flowers, flowering herbs, and shrubs in their collection of certified non-GMO organics. Flower gardeners know that beautiful plants add color and fragrance to the landscape, and that they attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial bees. Choose from annual seeds, annual plants, perennial seeds, and perennial plants.

4. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

southern exposure seed exchange

Southern Exposure carries the flower seeds for the type of flower gardening that you love. Do you opt for plants that produce beautiful drying flowers? Are you a fan of sky-high sunflowers? This is the flower garden catalog with the seeds that produce gorgeous big blooms to reward your gardening efforts.

3. Stark Bro’s

stark bros catalog

Stark Bro’s specializes in fruit and nut trees, which do, of course, bloom, but they also have a tempting selection of flowering trees, from Dogwood and Purple Robe Locust, to Lilacs and Wisteria. They have been in the gardening supply and plant business for more then 200 years, and they breadth of their product line, as well as the wealth of knowledge they offer gardeners, will show you why.

2. Rock-It Creations

rock it creations catalog

Add a charming personal touch to your flower garden with an engraved rock. We love the idea of putting your favorite flower-inspired lines of poetry on various large stones and scattering them through your garden. You can also add a memorial stone for a beloved pet, or commemorate an important anniversary. An engraved art stone will make your flower garden extra special.

1. catalog

Tulip lovers know that the Roozengaarde and Washington Bulb Company is the gold standard of tulip bulb growers in the United States. is their online flower catalog. You will find the biggest bulbs and healthiest flowers in the online store or their tulip catalog. Order hundreds for a glorious blanket of spring color, or choose real show-stoppers for a container garden.