Stuff that Guys Like

stuff guys likeContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

Whether you are looking for a great gift idea, or merely looking to get to know the man in your life just a little bit better, there are a couple of things that will get you an A+ in your mission to know what kinds of things men like the most.

We have brought you the best of stuff that guys like so that you will be able to get an idea when you are going shopping for that special someone. Without further ado …

The newest iPad


Most guys are all about the newest technological toys. One of the top toys in that area has been the iPad, ever since it was first released. Now on the third iteration, as well as offering up an iPad Mini, Apple has managed to stay abreast of the market. If your guy is one that loves gadgets then is the way to go to get the newest and best model of the iPad at all times.

Jos. A. Bank

A sharp suit


Most men love to look good from one time to another. In today’s society there are plenty of ways a dude can pull this off, but when turning to the old reliable ways, the best approach is to don a nice suit. Jos. A. Bank will be able to outfit a guy with any kind of suit they are looking for.

Classic Industries

Hot car parts

classic car

Guys tend to like to be able to drive around in a car that they can be proud of as often as possible. While not every man is going to be a well established mechanic, there are plenty of people out there who love to spend the time and effort to put their cars together all by themselves. If you or the guy in your life is someone who enjoys doing the upkeep on cars all without the aid of a neighborhood mechanic then Classic Industries can provide the parts.

Big Box Electronics Store

A great laptop


While tablets are always cool to have, most guys are also going to want to have a computer at home in order to do work and surf the web. There are some things that you simply need to use a laptop rather than a tablet. When it comes to this particular kind of device, the dude better get a name brand. When looking for the best, a Big Box electronics store is one place where you can get a good computer for a great price.

Knife Cave

Swords, daggers and other weaponry

What guy wouldn’t love to have a full size replica of the swords, daggers, knives or other gear from their favorite movie or comic book hero? That’s exactly what Knife Cave offers. And these aren’t toys or costume pieces. These are full-sized, realistic swords, brought to life for fans and dreamers.

Grill Equipment Store

Top-of-the-line grill


When talking about the best of stuff that guys like, you really can’t leave out something like a top of the line grill. There is just something like being able to be outside on a nice day and cooking up a couple of steaks, burgers or dogs. This doesn’t mean that you should get him any kind of grill, but we’re talking the top of the top of the line of grills. A grilling equipment store is one place where you can find a great selection to choose from.

Craftsman Tools

Power up his toolbox


Guys often like to have a nice set of tools that will allow them to fix one thing or another, whether talking about fixing up their cars or just fixing or making things around the house, the better the tools the better the job. Power tools are even better because they can do things like carpentry that much better. When looking for any kind of tool, a place like Craftsman Tools is where you should always turn.

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