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What are the 10 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories?

By Editorial Staff

Summer’s here and if you haven’t already, it’s about time to dust off the bike and hit the road. Here is a list of summer motorcycle riding accessories we recommend. Leave the dust on and hit the off-road. In addition to nice weather and better riding conditions, this time of year also means a wide array of summer motorcycle riding accessories. While you may be under the misguided impression you have everything you need, a quick look at our “Best of” may just change your mind!

1. Ventilated Helmet

Comfortable because it breathes

10 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
The first essential summer motorcycle accessory is a ventilated helmet. Versatile, well-engineered injection-molded, polycarbonate helmet strong enough to absorb energy and remain intact. Functional chin vents to flow air along with intake vents and a liner to wick moisture and keep your head dry and comfortable are all a must. A big plus would be a drop-down internal sun visor that allows you to manage the sun or go to incognito mode at the flip of a switch.

2. Great Grips

Dirt bike action

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10 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories

For riders towing their dirt bikes out to the dunes or off-road trails, these summer riding accessories are for you. Off-roading can take its toll, as any dirt bike rider will tell you. While a full day of riding the trails can make the whole body feel like you just got side-swiped by a semi, the hands can really take a beating. No need to pry your them off the grips with a crowbar anymore; the Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips are as comfortable as any biker would want. By cushioning shock and reducing vibrations, these won’t leave you feeling like you road ON your hands at the end of the day.

3. A Touring Seat is up next on our list of best summer motorcycle accessories.

Comfort for two

Out for the long haul, and want to bring a friend along? You can both ride in comfort with the Mustang Seats One-Piece Super Touring Seat. Long rides won’t give the both of you back aches, instead, this touring seat will give you comfort for the whole journey. Try this Motorcycle Riding Accessories

4. Gloves

Keep your hands safe from road debris

11 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories

Most people associate gloves with wintertime, but when you ride a motorcycle, it’s glove season year round. Your gloves are your first defense against flying road debris and insects: those tiny things can do big damage your hands when they’re flying towards you at 60 mph! And if you take a tumble, your gloves can keep your hands safe from rocks, road burn and other hot motorcycle parts, too.

The motorcycle gloves, like the Icon Hooligan Gloves, will do the job perfectly, from the padded palms to the wrist gauntlets.

5. Chrome Flash

Live to Ride

11 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
Okay, maybe just one more for the Harley riders out there. Keeping your ride looking good is an unwritten, but nevertheless enforceable law of the road. It’s sort of like coming to the aid of a capsizing boat, there may or may not be anything down on paper but everyone knows it’s mandatory. This is certainly true of Harley owners, and like the Live to Ride Timer Cover, it  should round out your look nicely this summer.

6. Sunglasses

Anti-scratch, anti-fog, glare-beating and shatter-proof

11 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
The dust, the pounding, the sun, and in summer, the glare, can really knock the wind out of a biker. Forget shopping at the mall or your local discount store when you’re looking for your summer biking sunglasses. You need shades made to stand up to abuse — but the best place to get them might be a surprise. You need to shop where people who work outdoors all summer long shop: ConstructionGear.

Buying your sunglasses from a construction supply means you’ll get the best protection against glare, dust and debris, all without paying a fortune to some specialty shop in town.

7. Motorcycle Action Cameras & Accessories

11 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
Our next best summer motorcycle accessory also doubles as a key piece of safety equipment. Cameras offer riders both a safety feature to protect yourself from bad drivers and a fun way to document your travels. Filming in public is completely legal and good quality video footage can be an important piece of evidence if you are involved in any kind of accident or confrontation on the roads.

8. Motorcycle Luggage

10 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
The right Luggage allows riders to store everything from extra gear, spare parts and maps to food and tools. Motorcycle Luggage is essential when organizing a successful bike tour. Even for short rides, prepared riders need a place to store their equipment; just lock your helmet away and go! Motorcycle bags come in a variety of styles and sizes from backpacks to fender bags, and saddlebags and they provide the perfect place to keep the necessities that aren’t being used at the moment.

9. Motorcycle Apparel

10 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
Another one of our best summer motorcycle accessories is apparel. Bike apparel says something about who you are. It’s about staying safe, comfortable, and looking good. Every type of rider has unique needs and style when it comes to riding apparel. Whether it is for performance or casual wear, there is a huge variety of motorcycle clothing products that will allow riders to protect themselves on the bike and express themselves off it.

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10. Motorcycle Communicators or Intercoms

10 Best Summer Motorcycle Riding Accessories
Gone are the days of shouting over the noise or trying to figure out how to communicate non verbally with your riding partner. Riding with a passenger or another biker means sooner or later, you’ll want to talk to them. Motorcycle intercom systems that mount in your helmet are the easiest way to do that.


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