by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow

Over the years, expectations for Valentine’s Day have become more and more extravagant.

Movies and television shows continue to push the idea that “bigger is better” when it comes to the annual holiday for love. Even in the face of high expectations, however, these Top 10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas have stood the test of time.

10. Romantic Dinner for Two

romantic dinner

Set the mood for romance by reserving a table at a nice restaurant or bistro just for you and your honey. Whether it be the best place in town, or a modest restaurant chain, getting dressed up to spend quality time together is always a good call.

9. Concert

concert date

While some might enjoy an intimate setting for Valentine’s Day, your partner might enjoy rocking out to their favorite performers. Taking a loved one to see an artist they love is a sweet, personal gesture to show how much you appreciate the fun in your relationship.

8. Carnival

carnival date

If you and your significant other are people who enjoy a bit of nostalgic fun, the carnival may just be the perfect Valentine’s Day date for you. Carnivals and fairs have a number of rides and games that provide an opportunity to get close and get a bit competitive in a light-hearted way!

7. Karaoke

karaoke date

While it may take a little bit of liquid courage to get up on stage, karaoke can be a great bonding experience for you and your partner. When else have you felt closer to your loved one than that one time you serenaded them with Journey’s Greatest Hits at the top of your lungs? That’s right; never.

6. Movie Date

movie date

The classic movie date is great for that couple who enjoys the cinema or maybe who want a low energy way to enjoy each other’s company without the stress of reservations and other hoopla. Plus, even the worst movies make for great conversation afterwards.

5. Cook a meal together

cooking date

Meals always taste better when they are made yourself and made with love. How much better would they be if made with someone you love? Even if you aren’t a professional chef, cooking a (simple) meal together is still a romantic, intimate way to spend Valentine’s Day.

4. Get Out Into Nature

nature date

Most of us spend our working and waking hours indoors and looking at screens. Disconnect from all of that and reconnect with your partner by getting outside together and exploring nature. A nature walk or tour is an inexpensive and soothing way to rebalance yourself and bond with your date.

3. Art class

art class date

A simple online search for “couples art classes” will yield results for courses on painting, sculpting, pottery (with or without alcohol) made with dates in mind. These classes tend to be for beginners and can help you dip your toe in those creative waters.

2. Winery or Brewery Tour

wine tour date

Tours of vineyards or breweries can be done in groups or as a special one-on-one date. Flex your knowledge on unique drafts, or learn about different types of vino with an abundance of samples included in the tour.

1. Plan a Spa Day

spa day date

When you really care about someone, you care about their wellness. What better way to ensure someone is relaxed, than by procuring a spa day for them. A spa day spent together in couples massage or in the hot pools offer a place to unwind with your loved one, and come out refreshed and renewed.

These ten super romantic Valentine’s Days have always been in the top Valentine’s Day date ideas for today’s modern couple and range in price from free to exclusive. Any day spent with your significant other is a special day, but do not forget to show them how much you care every day of the year.