Sweetest Thank Yous

sweet thank yousby Catalogs.com Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can thank someone if you set your mind to it.

The most well known way to do so (beside simply saying it) is probably to write someone a note laying out why you are thankful and what their actions meant to you. A more original and tasty way to send the same sort of sentiment is to say it with a healthy dose of sugar. If you want to show someone your gratitude with baked goods or tasty treats then we have the top 10 sweetest thank yous.

10. Box of Cookies

Box of Cookies

There are very few ways you will be able to say thanks better than by saying it in print (on the box) and through the cookies that come in the box. Because this comes off looking like a present, it seems to say a little more than if you were to just hand over a plate of cookies.

9. Flavored Coffees


Not everything gift of gratitude has to actually say “thank you” right there on the packaging. You can also attach a note to a selection of flavored coffees and easily get your point across. By giving them coffee you can also be saying that you would like to have a cup with them and spend some time with them. This can be a nice message to the right person.

8. Muffins


The muffin basket has sort of fallen out of favor because it has become such a staple, but the fact of the matter is that there is sometimes nothing better than a warm blueberry muffin to say thanks. If you go this route, you should definitely keep in mind that there are a few flavors that some people may not like. Go with the most popular flavors.

7. Pie


For a lot of us, we consider pie to be one of the top comfort foods in the land. We don’t always need to comforted about something when we are eating comfort food. Saying thank you with one of the world’s best loved sweets will also go a long way towards making those you are thanking very happy. May we suggest classic apple, blueberry or tropical key lime pie.

6. Cake


When talking about sweets that say thanks, cake has to be on the list simply because there are few sweets that feature messages more. You can of course write anything you want on a cake and a message showing your appreciation certainly fits there as well.

5. Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar

Did you know you can order special packaging for things like chocolate bars? You can have any kind of message surrounding the good old reliable candy bar. This is a great way to quickly and sweetly give thanks.

4. Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts

We’ve all seen the candy hearts that sport all kinds of different romantic messages. Some companies have taken it upon themselves to give you a little more leeway to make you own messages, including those of gratitude. You can also just surf through a bag and find the thank yous in a regular bag. Giving a ton of these sends a strong message.

3. M&Ms


Just like the candy bars and candy hearts, there are M&M candies that can be printed with almost anything you want. Some people have put their own names, but messages of thanks can go on these just as easily.

2. Cakies


Cookie cakes, better known as “cakies” in some circles are some of the best way to get a great message out there. This delight teams up the tastiness of a cookie with the size and messaging that is seen more often in cakes. These are getting more popular all the time for all sorts of different events and themes.

1. Cookies, Brownies and Muffins

Cookies, Brownies and Muffins

Gift baskets are always a great way to go and if you happen to find a selection such as one that has a bunch of different bite sized treats you are not only showing people you appreciate them, but giving them a different taste with each bite. This is the best way to show you care about their contributions.

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