Take your cheer team uniforms to the next level

Tips to take your cheer team uniforms to the next level for a winning look

Tips to take your cheer team uniforms to the next level for a winning look

Great uniforms show team pride and keep spirits high when the crowd needs an extra boost. If your squad is ready to take your cheer team uniforms to the next level, it?s time to first look closer at the design, quality of materials and accessories they put on come game time.

The quality and care of what everyone wears is evident not only in appearance, but in how confident cheerleaders are when performing a routine. Old, faded ones with a poor fit have little if no impact. In fact, the squad probably feels better in their loose, cotton practice clothes!

Put some oomph back in that moment when the cheerleaders face the crowd for the first time and everyone gets excited for whatever is about to happen. Only so much can be done to spruce up outdated, itchy outfits. If the school doesn?t have the funds for new cheer uniforms, hold a fundraiser! 

Raising the money themselves will give the squad a sense of ownership and they?ll take even better care of this one. It?s also an effective way to encourage team bonding, particularly with newer members. Encourage everyone to make a few fundraising suggestions and vote on the ones they think will be most successful.


A few fun, safe ways to raise money include throwing a bake sale, car wash, 50/50 raffle at a community event or hosting a night of student performances and charging a low fee at the door. Every cookie, washed car and ticket sold brings the team one step closer to fierce new uniforms.

Raising funds is only the first step to take your cheer team uniforms to the next level. Check out the designs available at cheerleading apparel shops. Call the vendors to request color and material swatches to help inform the big decision. Many will even send you a sample outfit with your team colors, name and mascot before you commit to a whole order.

If your squad enters cheer and dance competitions, consider adding an embellishment or two to highlight the team?s strength, speed, agility and coordination. You may want to add a little shimmer to the skirt hem, sleeves and around the collar. The team can?t go wrong in strong, bold colors paired with clean lines.

Once you settle on a design and colors, think about the fabric options. A few factors to keep in mind are durability, comfort and appearance. Choose an athletic fabric that allows cheerleaders free range of movement so they can take on more challenging athletic routines and dances without feeling constricted. 

Put together stunning outfits, winning routines and a hardworking, motivated squad and everyone will be performing at their best in no time. The goal is to direct eyes to the jumps, stunts and dance routines they?ve practiced ? not hair flying all over the place and mismatched outfits. Here are a few tips to present a professional looking squad the whole school will get behind!

Coordinate hair styles

This is no small detail. Messy hair is distracting, dilutes the overall look of the squad as a whole and can be dangerous during difficult stunts. Have every member pull their hair back from their face in a high pony tail, French braid, double French braids down the sides or a bun.

Coordinate game day outfits

Uniforms often include skirts, leggings, half tops, jackets and sweatshirts. Have the group look at the weather and decide what to wear ahead of time so there’s visual harmony whether they’re on the field or sidelines.

Take care

Make sure they know how to clean and care for every item. 

Every member of a squad works hard and deserves the opportunity to perform at their best. Take your cheer team uniforms to the next level and show that crowd what you?re made of! Go Team!