Tanning in a high-tech bed is one of the tips that make sense

Tanning in a high-tech bed is one of the tips that make sense

A glow like liquid honey can be a golden payoff for those who are mindful of some simple tanning bed tips. The act of nestling down into your tanning bed of choice is a move best undertaken with peace of mind and the anticipation of a nice spell of relaxation. 

Those familiar with various tanning bed tips may find they enjoy the same kind of relaxation found on a tropical beach where sea shells and sand dollars are the jewelry worn by nature. It matters not whether you?re heading for a spa tanning facility or the privacy of your own luxurious state-of-the-art home tanning bed. Universal considerations relate mostly to safety, cleanliness and the methods of skin care that help ensure a gorgeous tan.

The art of tanning has come a long way since the first tanning bed was brought to America by a German scientist in 1978. In the early days, it was every tan for itself and there was not much heed for the consumer?s protection. Today, things are different. In many states, the regulation of tanning devices is carefully governed by the state?s Department of Health. 


Criteria now exist that regulate the strength of tanning lights and the emission of their light waves. There are education programs that offer training to staff members and owners of tanning facilities. But it is a wise consumer who will consider all tanning bed tips and inquire ahead of time about the tanning beds and other equipment planned for use. Most tips spring from common sense but others here may act as reminders.

? Check the spa?s licenses and credentials
? Feel free to bring alcohol wipes for surfaces
? Ask others about their experiences there
? Get a doctor?s okay if taking medications
? Always use goggles for eye protection
? Make sure you can hear the timer bell
? Avoid back-to-back sessions and overdoing

Tanning products enhance results

Sometimes, it seems there are as many skin-care products as there are people to use them. Fortunately for tanning aficionados, a wonderful array of emollient-rich vitamin-enhanced tanning lotions is available. Tanning bed tips urge the purchase of cleaning products perfected to banish residue and bacteria from tanning beds at home or in the spa. Most can be had in containers that are easy to tote in gym bags or keep tucked away at home.

Awareness of one?s personal tolerance for artificial sunlight frequently is heightened through educational guides and updates in magazines and newspapers. Most who love a good tan realize that a tan is a very personal thing whose day-to-day management is best controlled by the person doing the tanning. Ask questions. Seek additional tanning bed tips. Make sure the facility or the home tanning bed to be used is up to industry standards and is safely operated.

Tanning bed tips stress acquiring a skin care regimen. A healthy diet filled with vegetables and fruit is good support for structurally sound skin whose network of collagen is strong and resilient. Some would recommend daily use of multiple vitamins whose content is rich in Vitamin E, fish oils and B-complex components. In addition, the daily intake of ample amounts of water is a great way to have great skin, all year long.

Tanning accessories abound

Today, folks are busier than ever. If lucky, one can hope some kind of base tan is achieved. Then, go about achieving the perfect pedicure. But mostly, people barely can squeak out time to hit the gym. There are errands to run and meetings to attend. Those with children find additional duties?lots of them.

The go-go-go can be paused-paused-paused by installing a tanning unit in the home. A collection of models that run on the ordinary electrical current found in most homes?120V?is available. So too are more powerful units that call for a 220V service similar to that which runs a heavy-duty clothes dryer. 

Research a number of makes and models before purchasing any unit. Consult an electrician to determine if the power system is capable of handling a tanning bed?s requirements. Then, take some time for yourself. Accessories are not hard to find.

? High performance beds for the home
? Tanning bulbs and appropriate lamps
? Tanning lotions and after-tan creams
? Tanning bed cleaners that kill bacteria
? Protective eye-wear such as goggles
? Comfortable neck pillows
? Tanning bed caps for the hair
? Tanning bed fans and lamp holders

A moment to think about some of the tanning bed tips offered here may lead to a fuller, more satisfying experience in the tanning bed?and on the beach where all eyes may be on your honey-tan body. Now, that?s enough to give anyone a sunny disposition.