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Things for a Baby Registry

By Editorial Staff

baby registryContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The months before a child is born are equal parts hectic, anxious, and excited, and just about every other emotion you can imagine.

In addition to constantly thinking about how wildly your life is about to change, there are things to take care of in the present.

The baby shower is an opportunity to celebrate your new addition and share the joy with friends and family. But they also serve a practical function, providing a fun way for loved ones to help make sure you have everything you’ll need once the baby is born.

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Here are important things for a baby registry!

10. Breastfeeding gifts

Breastfeeding gifts

If you plan to breastfeed, there are a number of breastfeeding accessories you’ll need or want. A breast pump and storage bottles, nursing bras, breast pads and lanolin ointment are a few things you’ll be glad to have every time the little one gets hungry.

9. Fun stuff

Fun stuff

Baby entertainment may not be higher on the priorities than, say, safety and health, but it’s good to add a few fun newborn gifts. In addition to a pacifier, rattle and soft swaddling blankets, consider a bouncy seat, mat for the child to wiggle around on and squishy baby books for her reading pleasure.

8. Diapers and wipes

 Diapers and wipes

Diapers, wipes, and diaper covers are less glamorous gifts, but it’s considerate to include a few items with a lower price point for loved ones on a budget. Besides, these are gift’s you’ll absolutely need and use. Having a stocked supply of diapers and wipes will save you runs to the store once your baby moves in.

7. Diaper bag

Diaper bag

Just because there’s an infant in the house doesn’t mean you’re about to become a family of homebodies. Friends will want to meet the little one, errands will need to be run and picnics will be had. Diaper bags give you a handy, stylish place to store extra diapers, lotions and wipes so you’re prepared for wherever the day takes you.

6. Stroller


Prepare to experience sticker shock at first. These days buying a stroller can feel more like purchasing a new car. There are “high tech” models with sleek, futuristic designs that look like they’ve come from a time machine. Don’t panic. Basically, you’ll see there are five kinds of practical strollers to choose from. Your budget and lifestyle will help narrow the possibilities.

5. Crib and mattress

Crib and mattress

The main things to consider when choosing a baby crib are safety and sturdiness. The mattress must fit tightly inside the crib. You’ll have a range of mattress materials to choose from, including foam, innerspring and ones made from organic materials. This item often has a higher price point, but quality is critical when it comes to baby furniture.

4. Bottles and accessories

Bottles and accessories

Speaking of hunger, bottles are must-have things for a baby registry whether you plan to breast feed or use formula. Choose a set that has bottles of multiple sizes because they naturally eat more the bigger they get. Also choose between soft latex nipples, or longer lasting silicone ones.

3. Highchair


Unless the newborn is a table manners prodigy, you’ll want a high chair that’s super simple to clean. What does this mean? Basically it shouldn’t have a lot of cracks for the little bugger to stuff food bits in. It should be sturdy, have a wipeable seat, and easily detachable front tray.

2. Massage


Um, well maybe a massage is more of a gift for you than the baby, but it never hurts to ask for a little recharge, right? After that first month, a few hours of relaxation with magic fingers working all the sleepless nights out of your muscles will make you feel like a brand new person.

1. Car seat

Car seat

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Car seats are the most essential things for a baby registry – they won’t even let you leave the hospital with an infant without a properly installed seat. If you’re looking to save money down the line, consider a convertible model. Convertibles are rear-facing, as required for infants, but they also turn to face the front when it’s time. These will suit from birth until the baby is a child of 40-80 pounds.


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