things to do with pets mainby Info Guru Paul Seaburn

It’s hard to find anyone who has never had a pet, especially if you include sea monkeys, rocks and those annoying Tamagotchis.

After a while, things like walking, shining flashlights on the floor and spinning wheels get boring for both pets and the people they own. If you’ve reached that point, here’s some things to do with pets that are fun for you and your furry, feathered and even finned friends too.

10. Go Out To Eat

Go Out To Eat

Many restaurants have begun to cater to people dining with pets, especially those with outdoor courtyards. They often have special menus with pet-safe dishes so you don’t have to feed your pet from your own dish, but you may want to bring food or pet treats from home instead.

9. Pose For A Photo

 Pose For A Photo

Pet photographers are experts at getting pets to preen and pose. Some have hats, costumes and other props to make the shoot more fun and the photo more memorable, or bring your dog’s favorite outfits from home.

8. Visit the Great Outdoors

 Visit the Great Outdoors

Dogs and cats get plenty of outside time, but birds, reptiles and other pets enjoy being outdoors too. Make sure the weather is suitable and you have a secure cage or small animal enclosure for your pet. Keep the outdoor time short at first and don’t leave your pets unattended.

7. Go Shopping

Go Shopping

Most pet stores allow and even encourage customers to bring their pets while shopping. Make sure your pet is on a leash, in a carrier or under your control and has a collar with a tag or other identification. If you’re lucky, your bird or snake might get a free treat.

6. Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk

Dogs aren’t the only pets who like to hike – cats, rabbits and even birds do too. Keep your pet on a leash if they’re going to be walking on the ground or in a carrier if they’re riding along. Birds, snakes and lizards like to be perched on shoulders, while hamsters and gerbils can ride in pockets. Don’t forget to bring some water.

5. Take A Swim

Take A Swim

It’s always fun to take your dog to the beach or let them jump in your pool, but other pets enjoy the water too, especially snakes and lizards. A high-sided wading pool with clean, non-chlorinated water is best for your reptiles outdoors, a clean bathtub works great indoors.

4. Hamster Hiking

 Hamster Hiking

Hamsters and gerbils love running around in those plastic tubes. If yours are manageable outside the cage, build a big obstacle course or maze on the floor and let them get some real exercise. Make sure you have the doors and windows closed and block off furniture they can hide under.

3. Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Cardboard boxes and paper bags are great inexpensive toys for all kinds of pets. Start out with the box or bag on its side so your pet doesn’t feel trapped, then join them in a game of hide-and-seek.

2. Trick Time

Trick Time

Old dogs can learn new tricks, and so can cats, birds, gerbils and even lizards. Teaching your pet to perform tricks is a great playtime for both of you. Look for books with tricks specifically for your pet. Repetition and reward are the best training techniques.

1. Volunteer


Animals can cheer up just about anyone, so if your pet does well around other people, consider taking it to a hospital or nursing home for a visit. Check with the facility for rules and regulations.